Gutfeld: The media is to blame for copycat shootings

Published on March 29, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ co-hosts weigh in on the media’s coverage of the Nashville school shooting and how the media incentivizes future mass shootings. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Bobby Kobayashi 6 months ago

    Kat laughing at the beginning loud enough to take over the hot mic, Classic!

  • ViridianG 6 months ago

    Rest in Peace little angels.

  • Laurie laurie 6 months ago

    They need security guards placed at every school across America. I don’t know why this isn’t in place already. Its a no brainer.

  • Pola & Tiger 6 months ago

    Introductions of Tyrus are the best. Kat’s are 2nd place.

  • Rob DiS 6 months ago

    If the media just ignored all crimes we would live in a utopia

  • Bob Crump 6 months ago

    This was an excellent segment with logical input from all. Although there was some disagreement, everybody was respectful of each other and all ideas were able to be put on the table so viewers can make up their own minds. Great work, all of you!

  • Artemis Maria 6 months ago

    Trans people are psychologically unstable and confused definitely they should not have guns! They are confused by their own image in the mirror! Accept who they are!

  • Pauly Boy 6 months ago

    Everyone knows the old adage in media… if it bleeds it leads.

  • ron armitage 6 months ago

    Will you please ask Tucker Carson about January 6th tapes.

  • V 6 months ago


  • Jeff Richards 6 months ago

    When a politician votes to restrict the citizens right to keep and bear arms they then forfeit all tax prayer funded security and its just a suggestion but how about not letting mentally I’ll people have guns

  • Annie 6 months ago

    You’d think schools would learn and add in more security. There’s no excuse for an unsecured school.

  • Bingo 6 months ago

    Kat the fringe calling for no guns for trannys, is because they are already mentally disturbed. The left are calling for mental health but they support mentally disturbed people chopping up their penises to be someone else.

  • The Rundown 6 months ago

    Give Tyrus his own show. I know what you can call it a little news from a big guy.

  • frogicus 6 months ago

    Maybe go talk to that scrag Fonda for calling for this on the view … you know what ? Grab the herd of idiots on the view too .

  • Tim Rodrick 6 months ago

    Thirty years from now trans surgery will be seen in the same way lobotomies are seen today – they don’t work.

  • Laurie laurie 6 months ago

    I agree with you Emily. I loved that you recognized and mentioned all the innocent people that were lost in the shootings. They are the hero’s and I agree that they are the ones that should be center stage. Good behavior should be rewarded and put center stage while evil needs to be held accountable and not be rewarded for anything.


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