Gutfeld: Sunny Hostin is an expert at calling people racist

Published on May 31, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on the left’s meltdown over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid and Sunny Hostin ‘calling people racist.’
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  • Doug Prentice 11 months ago

    Kayleigh McEnany is fantastic. Trump should apologize.

  • lary johnson 11 months ago

    joy and sunny are perfect racist.

  • Uoo Hoo 11 months ago

    Well it’s obvious that FOX is pro-Trump.
    I want a Trump/DeSantis ticket.

  • Jonathan R. Light 11 months ago

    5:18 The double standard is real; also this is not how it works, just ask your wife.

  • SantaSkip 11 months ago

    The problem I see with Ron desantis is he’s your standard congressman.. reading a script that is when for him by someone else… Unlike President Trump where everything he says is from the heart and off the cuff

  • Esther Tyrus 11 months ago

    So, does Esther Tyrus because racism is a sim of the heart. He is confused because Joe’s basement is where he became the 46th President.

  • Dr Strange 11 months ago

    Sunny definitely doesn’t describe her disposition. She’s only happy when she’s projecting her hate and racism on Conservatives.

  • Bob Loblaw 11 months ago

    The dumbest woman on TV? Sunny Hostin or Joy Behar??


    The view is the borg from Star Trek , do what the collective says or be killed

  • R F 11 months ago

    I cannot believe Old Joy and Sunny get away with all the racist crap they say about White People. Makes me wonder why any White person would vote for a Democrat.

  • Bartlett Redneck 11 months ago

    I reckon it’s safe to say black women don’t have husband’s!?

  • John Thomas 11 months ago

    Sexual tension. Both ways.

  • Keyser_SoZe_TUS 11 months ago

    Does this stupid wench Sunny realize that every time she says “White people are racist” it only confirms to the rest of us that they are the racists. If you have to keep saying the same thing each day in order to get your message across then nobody is listening ESPECIALLY when the entire Left media says the same thing every day that is fed to them by the DNC and White House.

  • brian dwiggins 11 months ago

    On YouTube, simply search “Sunny Hostin is a racist” for plenty of examples.

  • Ray Blanchard 11 months ago

    I love how they describe themselves when they speak about Republican Candidates. Joyless R is amazing at this. Everything she said when talking about Desantis was every bit any Democrat. Unbelievable.

  • limeaid23 11 months ago

    She married her way to where she is at right now. She doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t strive or work hard to be something that would be a challenge . Trying to remember when it was that she was a White Women and got all this insight about how they feel, how they live their lives, and why they feel the way they do. Maybe her Millionaire husband can enlighten her.


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