Gutfeld: Strange animals are forming thanks to global warming

Published on November 24, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists reacts to a study where climate change may create hybrid animals.
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  • Jonathan Sanders 2 months ago

    Isn’t that what the US andUN are doing by sending migrants from 160+ countries up here? Oops, was I supposed to say that? My bad. Sorry for letting the truth out.

  • Paul P 2 months ago

    the mule is five hundred years old the Hittites thought mules to be more valuable than a chariot horse back in the 1600s apparently

  • VIRTUAL REALMS 2 months ago

    All of the animals mentioned have been around for quite awhile. By the way, the only problem Polar Bears have currently is overpopulation.

  • Gabriel Nelson 2 months ago

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Fake Fake bots and their disappointed parents included.

  • 67Vlad Steele 2 months ago

    Only bad thing about these new animals, is there are not any recipes on how to prepare them.

  • Charles 2 months ago

    Sounds like a today’s jurassic park

  • James Fraizer 2 months ago

    Climate Change Is No LAUGHING MATTER!

  • Christopher 2 months ago

    Pigeons aren’t called rats with wings for nothing.

  • Norm Donnelly 2 months ago

    Did you figure out what a program is a hey pilgrim it’s an immigrant buddy don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out

  • Beatriz Carr 2 months ago

    Can’t get fox on cable! Been 2 days. Anyone else having that problem? All other channels work.

  • Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts 2 months ago

    Cross breeding has happened innumerable times over history. The only news is propagandists are trying to blame it on “climate change” this time. It has happened many times over thousands of relative warm periods. Sorry to be boring. Real science tends to be that way compared to propaganda.

  • Monica D Allen 2 months ago

    Hybrids are not new in animals or plants or even food we eat like corn ect. There’s also grafting in plants and trees. Who knew. Sounds like science.

  • Sandra Knowles 2 months ago

    This is a complete lie. There is no global warming. Climate does change, but not to the degree these nut jobs whine about.

  • Underdog 2 months ago

    I would like to create a whole new specie of animal with Kat. …..grrrrrr!! 💓♥♥😻😻

  • Norm Donnelly 2 months ago

    So what’s wrong with you it’s a program

  • Troy 2 months ago

    Killing them self in there waste killing them self softly to greed killing them self slowly as they fill everything with there waste I hate that FN cat in a hat for a tree 🌲. Look we know it’s a cost that your not paying government alone that it’s going to work to HR cost not to mention that tec your going to need???????

  • d t 2 months ago

    Climate change . An excuse to cull you & your family.
    Happening now .

  • Norm Donnelly 2 months ago

    Too bad we couldn’t lose a few liberals replace a with Joey it’s a new species

  • David Pickard 2 months ago

    Listen to Dr. Judith Curry talk “There is no emergency” about the BS on climate change.

  • Neon Dystopia 2 months ago

    If there’s one thing the left hates, it’s mixing and hybrids. They can’t apply labels to something that doesn’t fit the label.


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