‘Gutfeld!’ reads Lori Lightfoot’s ‘raving bonkers’ email aloud

Published on June 17, 2021

Chicago Tribune obtained an email by Chicago mayor where she repeated herself over and over again. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Lawrence Guy 1 year ago

    ………….. WOW………….

  • Gregory Schleitwiler 1 year ago

    Want a Zagnut?

  • Tim Porter 1 year ago

    Why does Lori Lightfoot always look like MJ’s thriller?

  • Rolando Acosta 12 months ago

    Only a democrat would vote for her. Democrats voted for La Kamala.

  • wa hoo 12 months ago

    Last time I heard about something like this was Jack Nicholson in The Shining as he was going off the edge

  • ɴo ꜱtep oɴ ꜱɴek 12 months ago

    She copies/pastes more than BATMAN for PRESIDENT and Led Zeppelin!

  • gotchewie420 12 months ago

    “She” should spend more time fighting crime than writing the same thing over and over or at least take responsibility.

  • Olds Aerotech 12 months ago

    /////// 2021-2022 in Lightfoot’s Sweet Home Chicago, as of 10/06/22:

    40% increase in crime
    **56% in sexual assaults** (something Lightfoot never mentions).
    15% in robberies
    52% increase in thefts
    132% increase in motor vehicle thefts
    Carjacking at a 22-year high, with the perpetrators becoming more weaponized.
    34 people shot last weekend/ 5 fatalities.

    You stand a 1 in 39 chance of having your home invaded.

    Chicago Police say more than 10% of these are multiple offenses, meaning more than one crime committed simultaneously ( but selectively not registered). Only the “more serious offenses” reported on a crime report.

    Chicago also was permitted to only report 7 months worth of data in 2021.

    ALL DATA recorded is twisted, manipulated, and very hard to navigate, with intention.
    When everything began unraveling in Chicago (2018), there was the immediate focus to manipulate and cloud the numbers.

    It’s recommended that people avoid at all cost the Chicago Transit Authority after dusk and only in daylight hours.

    Companies leadfooting away from Lightfoot in 2022 :

    Boeing ( but will maintain a presence in Chicago)
    United Airlines (relocating 1,000 employees by the end of the year)
    McDonald’s ( citing drug abuse, violent crime and homelessness as deterrents for attracting new talent)
    Tyson Foods ( recently announced as of 10/05/22)

    703 homicides in 2021, 100 of which the Chicago Metropolitan Police are sweeping under the rug as cold cases because it’s so much easier to discount the value of human life in Chicago.

    Lori Lightfoot’s residence in Chicago is one house to the left or one house to the right of 3428 West Wrightwood Ave.

    Publicly disclosed in June , 2019 by “her” neighbor, who reduced the listing price of 3428 West Wrightwood Ave. from USD $1.399 million to USD $1.15 milllion, a home the seller’s family has/had owned since 1953.

    Supposedly leaving for warm winter Florida…………………………..

    House sold on March 4, 2022 for USD $1.325 million.

    Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago is a hell much deeper and troublesome than “she” alludes to.
    The Residents of Chicago are in seething agony on a daily basis.

    Hold the Queen Anthead accountable!

    T R U M P had a verbal agreement amongst the 34 leading gangs in Chicago to sit down and discuss the problems.
    Interestingly, Lori Lightfoot discounted the Gangland Summit as ‘political’.
    The Rev. Darrell Scott, a Cleveland-based pastor with strong ties to Chicago, and T R U M P’s Appointee to the National Diversity Coalition, canceled the night before because he could not have everyone necessary to attend-some last -minute cancellations.

    ( Most of the gangs in Chicago are 7-10 man cliques).

    What did these gang leaders have in common?


    Get “her” the HELL and the HELL out of Chicago.

  • r wilber 12 months ago

    how can anyone be so ugly

  • David Grindstaff 12 months ago

    Cook County votes democratic every year! Be it Lightfoot or Pritzker…..Chicago gets what it deserves!!!

  • Michael Snyder 12 months ago

    I’m surprised she’s not in the nut house yet.

  • Lee Warry 12 months ago

    As an Australian I can tell you we all think your government is like a old peoples home full of senile patients

  • David Hall 12 months ago

    And we all thought the Longs from Louisiana were crazy MFers.

  • Coondog Alabama 12 months ago

    Who votes for this ding bat OH blm.

  • billie gill 11 months ago

    She reminds be of Jack from “The Shinning”

  • nite watchman 10 months ago

    Yo beetlejuice, just quit you rat filth.


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