Gutfeld reacts to Zuckerberg’s ‘bizarre’ Fourth of July video

Published on July 7, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to students saying they aren’t proud to be American and Facebook’s newest policy. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Sandra Salas 1 year ago

    Americans who don’t love their country should try living in a different country for at least 2 years. Live and work the average job, in an average home, follow their laws, and use their public healthcare and they will realize how America is so unique and amazing. I grew up in Mexico. I have fond memories of it but I would never live there again.

  • johndoe61 1 year ago

    American women aren’t all that bright. Never really grow up.

  • cool as the underside of the pillow 1 year ago

    Yeah but here’s the deal..they act like they like something to win over normal people with a brain by holding the flag but as soon as they get elected or get whatever they want 100%he will spit on the flag. Like b dog said he won’t mandate but he did,he has 3 degeeesand has 1 graduated in the top of his class on a full scholarship but actually he got 1 degree and graduated in the bottom of his class on half scholarship..I’m still shocked all this stuff the7 are pushing on kids but yet u still took health advice from them

  • Dave Wickizer 1 year ago

    If they hate Americans so much move to California or NY. They are already there?! This is Georgetown?!wow move to a country other than here. I hear Russia and china are taking application

  • papa bird 1 year ago


  • Goose~N~Gander 1 year ago

    Notice how they didn’t say Canada. Smart kids

  • PB Jae 1 year ago

    If you are a student at Georgetown, you are one of the privileged.

  • PB Jae 1 year ago

    The one in the white outfit who hates capitalism, looks like she is wearing something designer.

  • MeTarzanYouGirl 1 year ago

    I love this guy, and Kat is HOTT

  • Antonio Florgonza 1 year ago

    I’m Chicano.. IM PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!!

  • Susan McNulty 1 year ago

    Contra – versal. Like, like, um, like. Um.

  • Jules Marable 1 year ago


  • Edward Lobb 1 year ago

    Zuck has been schmoozing surfers around an exclusive Maui enclave.

  • Bullet Machine 1 year ago

    Then leave if you don’t like it here their are a lot of people that would take your place and enjoy America

  • Fleotus Leotus 1 year ago

    That Zuck take was 100% Fake…

  • Megan Luck 1 year ago

    These ridiculous women need to be shipped to another country so they can become grateful people.. These young people go to Universities yet don’t learn anything. I am embarrassed by all these ungrateful people! If they don’t like it here, they NEED to Move!

  • Sandra Carter 1 year ago

    Yeah that idiot looks oppressed, I am only embarrassed to be a American when I see these people talk


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