Gutfeld questions legitimacy of Ellen’s excuses for leaving show

Published on May 14, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to popular daytime host leaving post after decades. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • AmericanPatriot 1776 3 years ago

    Not a challenge, think how difficult a challenge awaiting you to be nice to your staff and crew. Now that’s a challenge.

  • Stephanie DePaulo 3 years ago

    Hahaha satanic Ellen is gone. Gone gone

  • Janet Bumpus 3 years ago

    View definitely needs to go. Those women are crazy. They live in a bubble.

  • Kiki 3 years ago

    Ellen & Oprah, are NOT Around any longer. Those that Know . . . Know.

  • Tom Smith 3 years ago

    I never liked her. I never found her humorous or entertaining 20 years ago, before she got the show.

  • William White 3 years ago

    “Ellen’s ratings fell faster than Kevin Spacey’s pants at a boy band bash party.” That’s hitting one over the fence, Greg. Love it!

  • singwise 3 years ago

    She’s 63, not 83.

  • Spara Dial 3 years ago


  • Joshua Hall 2 years ago

    Glad she is going off air. She is a racist, sexist, anti straight, pro evil. Yahhhhh

  • Hate Libtards 2 years ago

    We should ask Howard Stern how legitimate her excuse is since they’re best friends now after Howard Stern bashed her for so many years! All celebrities are trash!

  • Benjamin Matte 2 years ago

    Ellen had to face consequences? Nope, run away

  • George Price 2 years ago

    This is the true story I’m from New Orleans I’m at Allen DeGeneres at a concert a cold concert the name of the band was the cold this is over 30 years ago and let me tell you she was mean and nasty and aggressive person I did realize it till years later not even when she first came out I didn’t recognize her but then I heard her talk about New Orleans once and then I don’t know something brought back that memory and it wasn’t a pleasant memory

  • JT Baying 2 years ago

    It Always happens Once down Trodden when they Get a little power back they turn into the thing they Hate.

  • Dwight Stone 2 years ago


  • Lee Scheeler 2 years ago

    Give me 60 seconds with Ellen she’ll be pulling her hair out within 10 seconds I have a knack for setting liberals off actually it’s easy you just calmly speak common sense and truth they go absolutely crazy its fascinating

  • VM 1 year ago

    Ellen Degenerate (Spelling intended) creepy disgusting person.


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