Gutfeld on Antifa riots: CNN has still learned nothing

Published on January 23, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests weigh in on CNN’s coverage of the recent protests in Atlanta on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Julie Fitzgerald 1 year ago

    Every battered woman has heard the words “furniture violence leads to physical violence”. Those who are destructive have no problem crossing the line.

  • James Taylor 1 year ago

    We all pay in one way or another by insurance rates going up, rates for transportation, all kinds of other crap. Maybe we should form an anti Antifa group that smashes those who are doing this violence and that’s what it is no matter how you spin it.

  • Brenda Wilcoxson 1 year ago

    If criminal thugs are young enough to need their parents to bail them out, I think the parents need to do time with their obviously poorly raised spawn.

  • Stephen Prewoznik 1 year ago

    CNN — Corrupt News Network. C’mon Greg. Your weather man criticized those boys for setting the older man’s hair on fire. They took exception to his criticism
    Afterwards a couple returned and pointed out to the weatherman that he was beaten up for fspeaking to the gang. And the old guy didn’t say anything.and wasn’t beaten. Setting the older guy’s hair on fire wasn’t mentioned.

  • Sharon Tennison 1 year ago

    Spirit of destruction, defeated and crushed in Jesus name

  • Ray Spencer 1 year ago

    Because of the Burning and Looting Businesses, Shoplifting made legal is why prices are so high and everything is behind glass, lock and key.

  • Scott Dahl 1 year ago

    One of my dad’s issues involved diabetes. Ma said he was a borderline diabetic. She didn’t like my perspective too much when I said is that like being slightly pregnant or slightly dead. When you get prescribed Orinase or any other drug for that you are a diabetic and should get an education on diet. If CNN says mostly peaceful I don’t want to know what riots and anarchy is.

  • Bob 1 year ago

    CNN and Antifa are funded by the same corporatist billionaires. This is all planned and coordinated.

  • peter waroblak 1 year ago

    antifascists get paid to riot by fascists

  • Salty Larry 1 year ago

    They need to mop up all that scum, and dump it back in Portland.

  • Beeve Zeepe 1 year ago

    The people refusing to call out the violence by the mob are showing their complete fear of it. They won’t dare criticize them and incur their wrath. They are quick to attack conservative or just otherwise peaceful minorities because they deem them to be inferior and “disobediently” veering from their control.

  • Ron Chamberlain 1 year ago

    Atlanta has turned into a outhouse…

  • Derek B 1 year ago

    Yeah keep distracting from Davos and Biden docs.

  • Madnus Invectri 1 year ago

    Enabling the behavior sounds like being an accessory to the action

  • JourneyBrook 1 year ago

    I’ve seen and heard that guy talk before. Same ideas of extremes.

  • Mrs Blue Sky 1 year ago

    CNN still carrying water for the Dems.


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