Gutfeld: NBA’s Enes Kanter calls out China in front of the world

Published on October 23, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel weighs in on China’s response to the statement
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  • shangrila73eldorado 2 years ago

    Kat is cute

  • Marc Young 2 years ago

    USA is an Angel, who always at war and killing millions for black gold!

    China is an Evil, who build their own country for the last 30 years, zero war.

    What an idiot !

  • Jordan Johnson 2 years ago

    Not in front of the world. /

  • wadadlli 2 years ago

    The Hypocrisy is real here

  • slamponyp 2 years ago

    An NBA player who does his homework.. Lebron, take notes!!!

  • Elon Musk 2.0 2 years ago

    Frick China

  • C4 Taurus 2 years ago

    We don’t need anyone that doesn’t stand up for what’s right when time doing so!!!!

  • Truth Speaks 2 years ago

    Fake laughter

  • Tom YAMKUN 2 years ago

    If NBA boycott Kanter, we have to boycott NBA

  • Geronimo Pratt 2 years ago

    Everyone deals with China. Republicans and Democrats have sent many major businesses to China. Many athletes of all races have sneakers made in China. I’ve never heard China speak out about black people or issues in Amerikkka. If Amerikkka says black people are making up racism then Amerikkka is definitely making up the slave narrative for Hong Kong. Remember slavery was 400 years ago, slaves don’t receive pay. We tell you that inmates in Amerikkka are slaves and used for slave labor but that’s on deaf ears. Enes is using LeBron for clout, why not use Steve Nash or Luka Doncic. They both have shoes made in China. Why don’t people stop buying chinese products in their homes?

  • abcdefgrhjk 2 years ago

    Enes Kanter has more integrity than LeChong, nike and the entire nba administration combined.

  • Anthony S 2 years ago

    Kanter is known for everything else but his profession

  • FamilyWinn 2 years ago

    God bless Enes who speaks the truth.

  • Kristine Morley 2 years ago

    China needs to be called out & more ,they unleashed the virus , their human rights are no where to be found

  • Frank Feng 2 years ago

    He is trying to get free publicity by bashing celebrities. So far, the tactic seems to be working as the medias like that.

  • bryze savage 2 years ago

    that’s is why I don’t like the NBA anymore


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