Gutfeld meets ‘A.I. Greg Gutfeld’ for the first time

Published on January 21, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to predictions 90% of the internet will be generated by artificial intelligence by 2025.
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  • Joseph Meade 8 months ago

    Did no one see Terminator or war Games.

  • Matt 8 months ago

    AI layed off half of my department. Go thing I’m detergent

  • Jorge Becerra 8 months ago

    What’s the point of being Surprised by AI if it’s going to cost Money like Solar Panels and Electric Vehicles like Tesla’s I bet its going to be very Expensive and Cost alot more than $80,000

  • DjAck T 8 months ago

    A.I gutless? One reta*d is enough

  • Definitely Maybe 8 months ago

    if AI gets the diagnosis or treatment wrong – who is responsible for killing the patient?

  • wellmounted 8 months ago

    the presentation is current technology. All news, weather, and sports presenters who only read the prompter could easily be replaced now.

  • Gone Fishing 8 months ago

    Its like modern cars…… The cars do so much that drivers critical driving stills are non existant.

  • Devo Latif 8 months ago

    Already is! Look at Biden. Corpse zombie

  • Jonathan Torres 🕎✝️ 8 months ago

    Whoever _repents_ of all his sins (turns from sins) and _calls_ on the *Name* of the *LORD,* will be saved! *He* who died on a cross for the sins of the world, _rose_ from the dead on the third day, and by *His* blood, whoever _repents_ and _believes,_ has full redemption of sins and eternal life!
    Today is the day of your salvation, repent and confess *Jesus* now as your *Lord* and be saved, because you broke the law but *He* paid your fine with *His* life’s blood!

    For those with understanding: Matthew 24:40-41 will take place very soon, this is the sixth seal. This is the generation of the harpazo, rapture, and behold you will witness the trumpet blast that will make the sky recede as a scroll being rolled up! Therefore, be ready and be the five wise virgins, do not be the five foolish virgins! (Parable of the Ten Virgins)

  • Feliciano Monarrez 8 months ago

    I thought the blue one was Kevin Costner for a minute

  • Eldron Jaedike 8 months ago

    Wait, are you suggesting that Kat isn’t an AI trans-human robotic avatar of a Libertarian?

  • Noah Hastings 8 months ago

    If they give the AI giant fake breasts, Greg will be out of a job

  • Greg Lander 8 months ago

    AI = Lucifer

  • Devo Latif 8 months ago

    Ai surgeon and a pissed off ai nurse…..chopping us up!

  • DDW65 8 months ago

    Story line from Buck Rodgers in 25th , The. AIs programmed themselves!!

  • Rick Shorrock 8 months ago

    Amazon was in negotiations to create a new Stargate show. They used Google AI to create a script that was actually pretty good.


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