Gutfeld: Media is pulling out their hair over Elon Musk Twitter deal

Published on October 5, 2022

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  • MyTurboStang 1 year ago

    Guardrails around free speech? Is that guy a certified moron or is he just naturally stupid?

  • craig mignone 1 year ago

    Musk has made all the right enemies free speech matters…..

  • Steve Roy 1 year ago


  • Henry Miele Borja 1 year ago

    ” I love a good Melt Down…” -Kat | Circa 2022

    Love Her…


  • Kevin Turner 1 year ago

    In the middle of the monologue and ZING!!! Great one tonight

  • Nick Brutanna 1 year ago

    “If there is time to expose through discussion the falsehoods and the
    fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be
    applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”
    – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis –

  • Dr.Cosmar 1 year ago

    Kat: “I’m sorry about your eye” < Genuine compassion. Greg: "No it's ok. Do you have any other opinions?" < Genuine humility. They just happened to say it with deadpan attitudes so the crowd could laugh about a perceived lack of empathy, or the awkwardness of where it is in the conversation.

  • Jupiter Jones 1 year ago

    Man, turns has come a long way from the white house press skits

  • WillCo RogerThat 1 year ago

    Children can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes or vote but they can get their man bits or mammary glands chopped off!

  • Archie logo 1 year ago

    Misinformation they say so rather than try to ban people’s opinion give us your information on whatever topic and let people have their own hunch….like Jessie Smollet MAGA nonsense…a liar but still victim …left wing logic is depraved

  • Archie logo 1 year ago

    Misinformation is OK for the left to speculate but if your not in the Woke circles you need concrete proof

  • Kimberly Pence 1 year ago

    These people are nuts. Everytime something happens that the Dems don’t like they say it’s racist. To waste everybody’s time, look at the shiny thing. These people think that they can distract the honest people of this great nation, no more. We need to get rid of All of Them,any way possible.

  • Ken Harper 1 year ago

    “Guardrails around free speech”…Seriously we should put guardrails around the media! Stay in the truth and facts lane media!!


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