Gutfeld: Kamala Harris is the Bud Light of veeps

Published on June 28, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss Vice President Kamala Harris’ record-low favorability. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • RoughneckMP173 5 months ago

    Kamala sucks hard. Just ask Willie Brown.

  • Andrzej S. Tobiasz 5 months ago

    Mediocrity rules,…forever!

  • Khan Pitt 5 months ago

    wonder what her gynaecologist says about her cackling

  • : David-Steven: Morris. 5 months ago

    [Kamala has the thick ankles like Hillary Clinton that won’t fit into her pumps]

  • William Wells 5 months ago

    If you remember that clinton’s both lost their law license. That’s why she’s not teaching at a law school.

  • Boogie Boogs 5 months ago

    You’re gross dude.Yuck.

  • Howard Smith 5 months ago

    If she were my Visiting Angel, I’d push myself down the stairs.

  • Monica Collins 5 months ago

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Kamala laughs.

  • SweetSwineOMine 5 months ago

    KJP needs to be history…as does this whole administration

  • Chris Austin 5 months ago

    Harris is a ding bat

  • 44wasbetter 5 months ago

    Yeah, Harris is the 1st woman of color Vice President.
    Justice Jackson made it through the Red Hat Senators
    that tried to trip her up. And what ? you Red Hats propped
    up Hershel Walker ? You used him up and discarded him.

  • Kim McKersie 5 months ago

    Greg, you pronounced “CRINGE Jean-Pierre” incorrectly. . . just trying to help.

  • Daniel Kaiser 5 months ago

    When someone laughs authentically, everyone else starts laughing too.
    When Kamala laughs, people become uncomfortable.

  • SSDirk1976 5 months ago

    my my my…i wanna get to know Kat’s inner thighs

  • G Peterson 5 months ago

    he is like a gray staypuff marshmellow, its funnier if you just set it on fire…

  • Kat Ellis 5 months ago

    Gutfeld, it’s your irreverence that rocks.

  • MrRETEROROB 5 months ago

    Loftus nailed it. this whole administration is Theatre.


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