Gutfeld: It’s time to impeach Biden

Published on July 26, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on the ‘fiascos’ surrounding the Biden family as Speaker Kevin McCarthy ignites impeachment talks.

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  • itconqueredtheworld Smith 4 months ago

    Sure the 118th do nothing Congress can waste more tax payer dollars on that crap here’s the rub they don’t have the votes to do it , it’s all talk .

  • Edward Birdsall 4 months ago

    Lacland Air Force Base might have some personnel who might be able to help the White House K-9 problem… They train military working dogs after all.

  • ahboaz 4 months ago

    It is time you stop pretending you are funny…

  • Alfred E Newman 4 months ago

    COME ON MAN it was time to impeach SLEEZY joe the day he took oil out of the countries pocket books

  • NHMO OYTIS 4 months ago

    No bad doggos only bad owners.

  • margaret0847 4 months ago

    Biden isn’t going to get impeach, who wants Karmala Harris as President? Why do you think Karmala,was made Vice President,I believe Biden wanted to feel secure as President. What a mess!

  • princeoftidds 4 months ago

    Is this a talk show? Why is Gutfeld parroting the same fascist talking points as the rest of FOX News?!?

  • Stanley David Le pretre 4 months ago

    The Biden administration doesn’t bite… *They suck and blow at the same time.* Trump 2024

  • Deaddoc Really Deaddoc 4 months ago

    I checked. the most corrupt nation in the world is South Sudan followed by Somalia. The Scandinavian nations are on the lower end of the corruption scale. The scale is tricky because the ranks do not equal the Score. The Score is what denotes corruption. So someone was in a big hurry and misread the table. Do you really believe that Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc., are totally corrupt while Somalia, Sudan, and a huge swathe of other well-known corrupt nations like South Africa have better governments and societies than a place like Finland or Denmark? The idea that any of these panel guests and the ost could speak it and not wrinkle their noses speaks to the dearth of education and exposure of American society, even our supposed wittiest and informed.

  • Jermaine Snyder 4 months ago

    There must be a crime committed with evidence, and you need both parties for an impeachment. Stop using it as a distraction from Trump the traitor and his Republican comrades.

  • Phuong Do 4 months ago

    Drain the swamp out ! They just destroyed America !

  • Bobby Fletcher lives 4 months ago

    No unfortunately it’s not, shitty a job as hes doing if you impeach him we’re left with the cackling giggle box and whatever nightmare of a VP she has free range pick over, do you want a vice president Hilary because impeaching him is how you’re gonna get a vice president Hilary, then we’re all fkd

  • Tom Proctor 4 months ago

    Tyrus was hilarious with his comments tonight.

  • gary vonneida 4 months ago

    Make the Marxists Democrat rats impeach their own DEVIL


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