Gutfeld: Is this teacher the greatest troll in history?

Published on March 1, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests take a closer look at the story about the Canadian teacher who wears oversized prosthetic breasts to class on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Michael Carroll 9 months ago

    UKRAINEN 2014 war crimes. Obama and Biden.rats in power over the rotting corpses country. Isis ADL Syrian war crimes, the war crimes, against the Syrian poor people, BY THE ADL. it’s sickening.

  • AQ Johnson 9 months ago

    Fox is just like the televangelists that prey on people to get money.

  • Kim Z 9 months ago

    I think he is making a point. It’s coming through.

  • miz obvious 9 months ago

    outside the school he has to deal with the public, kids have no say.

  • David Rowe 9 months ago

    Andy Kaufman would be proud of thus DUDE!

  • William Ramirez 9 months ago

    But! Is he actually a good teacher!?

  • Hog Whiskers 9 months ago

    Too much pot, or not enough Greg? LOL!

  • Rick Harrison 9 months ago

    id love to see the school boards reaction if a straight white guy came in with a prosthetic codpiece bulging out of his pants. wearing a costume for fetish and attention purposes is entirely different than “transitioning” to be more comfortable with yourself and live a better life.

  • 23OGrain 9 months ago

    Tom comes across like such a goofball in his skits but the guy is insightful as hell.

  • Mark Chilluffo 9 months ago

    When I was in high school they barred the doors to keep our mythology teacher out because she was wearing a miniskirt. Of course all us guys were cheering her on

  • Patrick Martin 9 months ago

    Well any document today that says inclusive you can figure is just a bunch of BS.

  • gastronomist 9 months ago

    They’re not part of how this teacher dresses!!! It’s a prosthetic!!!

  • Joshua Jones 9 months ago

    Greg isn’t very different. He also agrees with idiocy, calling that dude a chick.

  • Chino_White_My_Nig 9 months ago

    Dammit I knew both sided bend backwards for the same team but the key is every time it blurs or glasses get out on or extra blinking is a code for lying they teach you that in directing schools watch commy video there not starting at the camera


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