Gutfeld: How Stanford Law became a daycare center

Published on March 16, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ co-hosts react to recent incidents at Stanford and UC Davis where conservative speakers were heckled and protested.
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  • Merìcan_Chicano 1 year ago

    The Demokkkrat, Liberals, and Regressives have hijacked plights and fights from minorities in the Ghettos and Barrios against real social issues and have perverted those ideologies that really stood for something and have falsely claimed to stand for the minority while at the same time using the peoples plights to advance their perverted agendas.

  • Mike Hunt 1 year ago

    You can get into Stanford with a solid C- !

  • W.W. Heisenberg 1 year ago

    That adult is exactly why all those students are so unhinged.

  • Mona Lisa 1 year ago

    I LOVE Douglas Murray!!!! He is brilliant!!!!

  • Baden snaxx 1 year ago

    We’ve already seen woke lawyers run out of court crying & being supported by mom, Amber Heard’s lawyer did it.

  • redz machine 1 year ago

    We could make a reality show called “growing up beaurucrat”

  • Miracle Tire 1 year ago

    67% of the students in college don’t belong there but in trade school, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • single life form? 1 year ago


    Get a clue, then ask yourself, why are every ethnicities, including my own, against me?

    I think it’s time to tell the kids the Truth.

  • LRASM 1 year ago

    So many mentally challenged people seek out a way to get attention and avoiding physical work.. God help us

  • Westernaire Phoenix 1 year ago

    I took business law at DePaul University, Lewis Towers, Chicago.
    The class book was about 3 inches thick…
    Ai has it and it knows every case file. (Wins and losses)
    If any profession is in trouble…, it’s lawyers.
    Add Ai to robot lawyer and I’d hire the Robot and pay the price.

  • Benjamin Nunes96 1 year ago

    So my question is was the meeting mandatory or like usual did a bunch of morons show up just to be offended?

  • P. Henry 1 year ago

    The communists have taken over this country’s education system, and here’s the proof. And let’s not forget about todays debacle at UC Davis when Charlie Kirk was giving a speech. This should be alarming to all Americans, because this is the future of the professional class, ie, lawyers, physicians, engineers, scientists, managing directors, teachers, etc. And If you don’t share the same political views as they do, then your probably not going to receive competent legal representation or your doctor may not give you the medical attention you need or may be your teacher doesn’t give the grade you really deserve. Basically, you can see where this is going and how conservatives have been set up for failure by the derelict Republicans in Washington.

  • O.M.G. Puppies 1 year ago

    Women are driving the woke insanity and also the war mongering. The bigger danger are the Victoria Nulands and Samantha Powers, dragging us to nuclear war. There is a reason that every traditional society is careful about how much power it gives to women.

  • Vintage News Network 1 year ago

    It’s ironic how these diversity people are actually never interested in any diversity of opinion.

  • Toaster Bath 1 year ago

    “Your racism is showing”? I would have told her that her petulant, infantile stupidity is showing. Nothing confuses these NPC’s like confronting them & throwing their own garbage behavior back at them when they act like this, like bad code in their daily update. Maybe it’s time for conservatives to start protesting, yelling & screaming as if it means something at some of their events

  • Vintage News Network 1 year ago

    More like division, indoctrination and exclusion

  • M Q 1 year ago

    More domestic terrorism called free speech?


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