Gutfeld: Here’s what Republicans have learned from Trump

Published on January 12, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests discuss the goals and possibilities available to House Republicans on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Osnovnoye♡szhatiye 1 year ago

    I’m looking at 5 pieces of trash …

  • TheHookBoy 1 year ago

    It was so nice seeing another bit with Adam. The Joe spoofs are great, but the Adam impressions are pure gold.

  • Orion Xavier 1 year ago

    10:00 “Why do they need EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND IRS agents??”

    To harass millions of Americans with the new tax law passed last year which requires third party payment platforms (Paypal, Venmo, Cash App) to report income over $600/year to the IRS. I seriously doubt these companies are going to report the TAXABLE income that’s over $600. BTW this is significantly less than the previous tax law, which required reporting income exceeding $20,000/year. The problem with all of this is that the burden of proof of whether that income of $600 or more is taxable, is on YOU. Not Paypal or the IRS.

    That means millions of people trying to contact these companies to correct their misreporting of income to the IRS. But given the fact they don’t have “87,000 new employees” like the IRS, they will be completely overwhelmed by all the requests. Leading to delays, which will allow the IRS to justify an audit, and additional fees and penalties…

    However, the IRS says they will “postpone” the new tax law until sometime next year and not apply it to the 2022 tax year.

    While this might be a relief to millions of Americans, it begs the question if the IRS can legally do this. And the answer is, THEY CANNOT. This is a tax law passed by Congress and so the IRS is legally required to follow through with this, despite what they say. So this will be very interesting to see how this plays out…

  • Hugh Thomas 1 year ago

    Tyrus is not funny.

  • Laurie R 1 year ago

    This made Me laugh right out loud

  • Richard Rogers 1 year ago

    I love the new Republican Congress “No More Mr. Nice Guy” attitude. Hopefully they will get more & more bold as more documented TRUTHS come out. And I’m thinking that’s going to happen sooner than we think !!

  • Billy Shears 1 year ago


  • John Fallon 1 year ago

    Flat tax!! We can downsize the entire irs and make everybody pay thier fair share!

  • Luis Ginel 1 year ago

    Chiden looks like fire Marshall bill

  • MeganTron 1 year ago

    That had to be Greg’s best monologue ever!!

  • Mabel Heinzle 1 year ago

    Love this show

  • Carla Franklin 1 year ago

    Thanks for the laughs…priceless!

  • Mitchell Rothschild 1 year ago


  • Nino Nastasi 1 year ago

    If anyone knows history,
    Go back to the 80s 90s Venezuela
    Just” read history” my American brothers and sisters.
    Then re think was “orange man” that bad after all?


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