‘Gutfeld!’: ‘Go to school somewhere else’

Published on December 1, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the Rittenhouse Arizona State University controversy after student groups demand Rittenhouse to be barred from school.

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  • Thefoxygamer 2 years ago

    ASU also ranked #1 in the country for # of cases of VD.

    The city is totally right leaning, the s hill has a small amount of loud mouth that voted for anything with a D next to its name.

  • Kilgore Trout 2 years ago

    In college I worked for a federal program that uses tax dollars to pay smarter college kids to tutor the dumb ones who would otherwise flunk out. The college students I tutored could hardly even spell or write simple sentences but got the same degree as me. Yay…

  • Jean Francois 2 years ago

    Trump university

  • 73challenger5031 2 years ago

    Great shout out to Jordan Peterson! The MAN!

  • Anthony AR 2 years ago

    Love the show always laughing out loud, And glad kat is finally showering more often.

  • nHzImDz 2 years ago

    The very reason why these college students can’t get a job when they graduate, they don’t have the skills! What skills can you get from group think and protesting? Paying too much for learning nothing! They don’t deserve taxpayers’ money. Didn’t Congress forgive their trillions of dollars of student loans? How dare giving conservative taxpayers’ money to leftists!

  • sir rom 2 years ago

    fake conservative gutfeld diddles colbert

  • samantha peterson 2 years ago

    Wow those kids need to go back to kindergarten

  • Dan Fabela 2 years ago

    That Ritten’kid is gonna be so rich and all he has to do is announce he’s showing up somewhere!!

  • Rock Snot 2 years ago

    Fox pays to have this made?

  • Snake Plissken 2 years ago

    It’s not like he needs college. He’ll be able to retire on all the money he makes from suing CNN.

  • Mary Gaworski 1 year ago

    Hey, my niece was told to get the VAX in order to go to online classes. Is that ridiculous? Idiots!


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