Gutfeld: Even Biden sees the sense in building a fence

Published on October 26, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel compare Biden’s security fencing to Trump’s border wall #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Joel Galvan 2 years ago

    Fence ,also needs heavy duty cattle charging system.

  • Herb Whitmore 2 years ago

    Biden knows we are coming for him ,,

  • Powell Lucas 2 years ago

    A small backtrack on calling Kamala Harris a dame is quite justified when the word he was looking for was Bimbo.

  • Jen Son 2 years ago

    Thats just to keep Joe from wandering off.

  • Stanley David Le pretre 1 year ago

    Little brian stelter does love his five layer wedding cakes.

  • FranklinArtSite 1 year ago

    Have you not noticed that there is a wall around Mar a lago?

  • RMPsumma 1 year ago

    He’s gotten millions from corruption, but we have to pay for his hypocritical fence? Biden makes Trump a candidate for canonization. Biden is a truly evil man.

  • Itznun Yabizness 1 year ago

    Rumor has it the fence actually only cost 20,000, and the other $470,000 is the project management kickback being given to Hunter

  • Scott Deaton 1 year ago

    It’s now time for Governor Abbott to send buses of Migrants to Joe’s house before he can complete his wall.

  • jason T 1 year ago

    can you imagine what pelosi and schumer would say if trump spent 450 grand of taxpayer’s money to build a fence around his house

  • DJBrandywine Gaming 1 year ago

    Why would he even need a fence for his beach house really he’s not going to be there forever it’s where he goes on vacation and last I checked the presidents don’t go on vacation every day and every night so what the hell doesn’t need a fence for he’s in the White House majority of the time what a waste of money payers money.

  • Jimmy Boyd 1 year ago

    “Joe Biden, tear down your wall” Big guy, why don’t you get Hunter to buy you a wall with his illicit Chinese Yuans?

  • Scott W. 1 year ago

    Maybe we should just do a little Biden Deal on that $500K project, and have America’s Team swing by the site every couple of hours to pilfer off 20% of the materials here, 10% there, another 15% there, and then just keep it coming. We can use those misplaced materials to build a wall for ALL OF US instead of just the greedy elites in the WhiteHouse. He’ll just keep writing blank checks with OUR MONEY until it’s finished.

  • Rhonda Nicholson 1 year ago

    Buy your own fence. The people don’t need to finance your Personal Property construction.

  • Peggy Chamberlain 1 year ago

    The FOOL has NO sense at all!!

  • Wayne McLaughlin 1 year ago

    Joe Biden put up a wall around his property because he wants to make sure that he keeps all the racist people inside of the wall. Namely his own family!


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