Gutfeld: DeSantis sent two planes of illegal immigrants to the progressive paradise

Published on September 16, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, one of the most ‘luxurious vacation spot in America.’
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  • Brandon Fromer 1 year ago

    The other flip of the coin is that yayo and tequila Greg gets down on constantly comes from Mexico. Lol . Do you question the morale ability of a man who went to Berkeley and who was clearly shut down by his peers there and this his revenge mission on all those people that made him feel inferior. Btw he has no kids, clearly hates dogs and children like that Don Johnson character from Tin Cup

  • Donald Funk 1 year ago

    Republicans are the only people that will use people as political pawns so low life. Get rid of this show oh I forgot you are on fox that is the type of shows that fox puts on TV. I can read the same type of stories in the enquire. So fake.

  • Balancee 1 year ago

    i hope this is all working

  • Kenneth Swann 1 year ago

    You’re right tons of those people coming across that border are extremely conservative it’s one of the reasons they come up here so they can work cuz they’re hard-working people decent people the only problem is our Republican party is not reaching out to them enough it’s not meeting them at the border with groups of people to tell them look they’re going to let you in this is what we need to tell you about the Democrats and what they’re doing show them proof one by one if you have to that the Democratic party is a socialist organization trying to become a communist organization

  • R4lee444 1 year ago

    Karine jean-pierre is the black sponge for the Biden team… can’t see the dirt when the sponge is black.

  • Bernardo Estacio 1 year ago

    As we say in venezuela, “Usa leftist is communist because they read about it, We are anit left, and anti communist because we lived it”

  • JL Padberg 1 year ago

    I’m sick and tired of hearing the word “immigrants” used to describe the people entering the United States illegally. They are in fact, illegal aliens! It’s sad to have to explain to someone with an education higher than the first grade, but some of the butt-hurt liberals are having problems using the correct term. The term illegal alien is not racist, but refers to no specific race only someone who is not coming into the United States by legal means.

  • joseph wagner 1 year ago


  • berenjervin 1 year ago

    Send more. They love illegal immigrants? Bury democrats in them.

  • Lisa Ogier 1 year ago

    Stop spending the money on attacking Trump and spend it on security for our boarders. The money Democrats have spent of attacks is unbelievable!

  • Half Full 1 year ago

    Yep, Sharing is caring.

  • Hamham 1 year ago

    “Home of the free, land of the PLENTY but, it’s ours and we don’t want to share”

  • Roger Cherry 1 year ago

    I agree,,,,, Let’s take those people from Venezuela in who won’t freedom and throw outhrow those people who say they love Venezuela and the government over into Venezuela and let them live there,,,,,,

  • Dr.Cosmar 1 year ago

    Unless the democratic party is somehow involved in the cartels.

  • Abderrahim Anasse 1 year ago

    1st come back this afternoon:
    To all countries:
    I will not choose your Governance .This subject is let to you and your process of elections, nomination or succession regime.
    As you see even USA i let them choose whoever they want.

    I came for specific comment but..
    No i get it again.
    For European countries, the idea to leave your lands for Africa, i don’t know from where you got it if nothing harmful happened to your territories but you are leaving good land for nothing.
    There is nothing in Africa as related in my report.
    Few natural resources of the past , i guess the Land is out of it.

  • A.M. M. 1 year ago

    Did those flights include Cubans? No more breaks Cubans!

  • M Araujo 1 year ago

    Brazil is also receiving a large number of Venezuelan immigrants. The church and the Army receive them at the border and distribute over the country where there are more job offers. Brazil is not doing great, but immigrants come anyway. That’s how desperate they are.

  • Jocodotmer ! 1 year ago

    I love how greg includes us libertarians


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