Gutfeld: COVID chaos hits Canadian truck drivers

Published on January 28, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss the ‘Freedom Convoy’ of Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandate.
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  • Lee Barros 2 years ago

    today is Saturday 19, 2022 at about 7 a.m….i state this becuz I just did a search on duck duck go and found nothing even tho anyone would expect it should be the most important aspect concerning the mandates, public health, invocation of the emergencys act, etc. Where are they? Surely during “coof” season, with 1000’s of protesters (antivaxxers, racists, supremicists, etc.) running around without masks and unvaccinated…wouldn’t it be a the biggest story for the “legacy” news to report on….again…WHERE ARE ALL THE ICU AND DEAD COOF PROTESTERS??? I can’t find any reports on the ton load of “super-spreader” unmasked, hugging, kissing protesters/patients the mandates were “protecting” for “public health protection” Can you tell me where they are??

  • Michel Bisson 2 years ago

    Trudeau bloodshed must stop now

  • Cory Long 2 years ago

    Geraldo was right you morons incite this crap…Canada hates lazy truckers…love the ones who really WORK

  • D Bond 2 years ago

    – This has absolutely nothing to do with human rights.
    – This is a global pandemic.
    – Canadians need someone to blame but all of this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Trudeau and there is NOTHING he can do.
    – Your frustrations are misdirected.
    – This is about the uneducated vs educated.

    – The PM works for “us” the people. We do NOT have a dictatorship or a tyrant; that is absolutely ridiculous.
    – The PM has NO POWER on these matters. The PEOPLE decide. We have a democracy.
    – There is NOTHING the PM can do; this issue is up to the provinces (Premiers) and the Premiers are listening to the professionals (as they should). No thinking professional is suggesting not to get the vaccine. You are not going to take your car to be serviced by a plumber.
    – 90-99% of the country agree with Trudeau on this matter; Trudeau is not going anywhere.
    – This is a misinformation campaign and other nations (mostly USA) are projecting their issues on Canada.
    – There are countries that don’t even have the vaccine yet and they are desperate to get it.
    – These few thousand uneducated spoiled conspiracy theorists in Ottawa do NOT represent Canadians.

    – They are breaking the law and disrespecting citizens; taking other people’s freedom.
    – They have no idea what they are fighting for and who or what they should direct their concerns to.
    – The enemy is the virus. Being upset with Trudeau over this is like blaming the doctor for your disease. He is trying to help and has absolutely NOTHING to do with your issue.
    – These few thousand uneducated spoiled conspiracy theorists in Ottawa do NOT represent Canadians.

    – If your job requires you to travel you absolutely should be vaccinated (if you cared about anyone other than yourself).
    – If your job requires you to get the vaccine due to travel, so be it.
    – If you don’t like it, get a different job.
    – If you can’t get a different job because you have no education or skills other than driving, that is NOT Trudeau’s fault.
    – Read a book and learn how to use a computer; there are tens of thousands of people who would give anything to have your job.

    There is a reason nobody is listening and nobody cares:
    – These people are the same people that think the world is 6000 years old and we never landed on the moon.
    – No thinking person can take any of these people seriously.
    – These people represent less than 10% of truckers.
    – These people represent less than 1% of Canadians.
    – These few thousand uneducated spoiled conspiracy theorists in Ottawa do NOT represent Canadians.

    I am not surprised the PM is not bending for this nonsense.
    This video is misrepresenting Canadians and the facts.

  • Pamela King Jones 2 years ago

    Liars Liar pants on fire.

  • Nathan Blades 2 years ago

    Time to take a stand they have subverted the government’s and legal systems of every country enough is enough
    We don’t need a NWO just because you create a virus and unleash it on the public

  • S R 2 years ago

    This presenter would die without an audience. Holy sh.t. what an attention seeker.

  • Edie 2 years ago

    add this !!!!!!!!!!!!!get this out there… be smart…drive and blow horns without stopping!!! just drive around blow horns
    just drive lolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MegadethTillDeth 2 years ago

    If everybody who said they were gonna move, actually moved, America would be a much better place.

  • Canadian Goose 2 years ago

    Why the truckers don’t won’t the vaxx

  • Nancy 2 years ago

    Does Trudeau have the vaccine! Doug Ford daughter has said her entire family is NOT vaccinated?? So how many of the WEF have been vaccinated?? What about Biden is he really vaccinated??

  • Don Spinella 2 years ago


  • Elias Andrikopoulos 1 year ago

    A tell-tale sign of a totalitarian regime is the rule that “Whatever is not forbidden, is mandatory”. Maybe this fact reveals the bipolar nature of the woke mentality.

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Cobiconplicosalud dominicana no hay salud

  • nineelephants 1 year ago

    More than remember you Gutfeld.
    I remember what you said about Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan.

    Go FGY.


  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Seguroromeosanto problemahueya

  • ward hemstock 1 year ago

    If Justin wanted the truckers to leave he should have sent his idiot wife to sing to them!


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