Gutfeld: CNN finally ‘discovers’ nuance

Published on August 10, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to CNN’s Brian Stelter’s explanation of Chris Cuomo’s lack of coverage of his brother. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Sam Fox 2 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed that Greg has started to become nasty & mean on his show lately? I’ve been a loyal follower but being driven away. Seems that when he’s intimidated by a guest (not warranted), his ugly side comes out, instead of celebrating the moment. He’s been awful to Kilmeade & Guy Benson lately. I’m on the fence.

  • Delores Anderson 2 years ago

    Tyrus cracks me up….

  • WHAT DID DOUG DUE TODAY channel 2 years ago

    way to go joe bidden keep up the great job for China what a total douse bag time to round up joe bidden and his criminal administration republican rhinos and democrats for crimes in office and treason. looking forward to your trial’s and justice

  • Glenn Hubbard 2 years ago

    The Cuomo business was such a total disaster for CNN. That network is nothing like it once was. Long ago.

  • S Dot 2 years ago

    Nobody should be watching anything you air seriously especially right now while you’re doing your own vax mandates

  • John Galt 2 years ago

    Jen Psaki is a super spreader……..
    OF BULLSH*T!!!!

  • Big Game 2 years ago

    All the democraps trying to make people wear a mask and not wearing a mask, i have to wear one at work and people hear me fine so whats the excuse?

  • p stick 2 years ago

    Greg , i hear colbert will be doin an off ,off broadway rendition of the life and times of bob fosse , liberals get 50% ,off on tickets .

  • Wil Scott 2 years ago

    Impeach Pelosi and AOC first…
    Then impeach Harris and JimCrow Joe Biden…

    In that order..

  • Hooterville 1 2 years ago

    Psaki – ‘my five year old identifies as a bottom …..just like Brian Stelter’

  • jerry ray 2 years ago

    Ever think for lack of 3 condoms Biden Harris n Pelosi would be no more ,one more Andrew Cuomo would be not and and thousands of old people would be here.

  • Jackie White 2 years ago

    I’d have to say that perhaps she inherited from her mother. Between that and how cold and callous her mother is. Just saying.

  • eyedonschott 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, people like Jen Psaki are permitted to breed and take positions in government.

  • MyHomeStudio 2 years ago

    CIA agents talking to CIA agents about CIA agents!

  • Scott Schrauth 2 years ago

    Love you guys, but you need to make Wolf Blitzer a Confidential Informant, that would be so cool

  • Yvonne Smith 2 years ago

    CNN give who they don’t like hell and huge excuses for their “pets”.


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