‘Gutfeld!’: CNN broke ‘horrible’ news for Biden

Published on May 26, 2023

Fox News contributor Tom Shillue goes over this week’s leftovers and ‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to CNN’s Biden poll.

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  • Wylie Hudson 4 months ago

    Love Kat

  • Glen Johnson 4 months ago

    I think its gotten stupid and low class that Tyrus is still holding that stupid belt. He’s proven himself to be a solid knowledgeable guy. He doesn’t need the stupid prop any more. It just forces a typcast and makes it hard at times to take his opinion seriously.

  • Milliken 4 months ago

    I miss Red eye. Great line up in the little guys absence

  • Robert Winter 4 months ago

    Ha!! Fox News your ratings are going down the shitter fast..

  • tom hall 4 months ago

    Who cares about polls? There must be 81 million morons somewhere in this country that are eligible to vote. They are probably the same ones that Democrats poll.

  • L F 4 months ago

    Love that your REPUBLICANS DON’T want the MILITARY or all the people on SOCIAL SECURITY to get paid next month. Your Republickkkans are out for Vacations that you are paying for

  • Fraser Bailey 4 months ago

    Does Biden even know who the President is?

  • giant slayer 4 months ago

    4:45, Where we’re you people in 2020, and why oh why did u vote for this pathetic admin? But hey, keep listening to the msm, orange man bad bs. We were warned what this joe bribem admin would be.

  • Cyn Davis 4 months ago

    Get the bipolar skitzo freak out!!! Stop destroying our Country..

  • Robert Barth 4 months ago

    Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking faster than a leaky rowboat full of concrete.Just say “NO” to Joe in 2024! F.J.B.

  • Insanity 4 months ago

    NO NEWS surprises Joey…He could care less cuz he knows his evil gang protects him

  • Daniel McGillis 4 months ago

    Please clap. Still priceless.

  • Mark Chilluffo 4 months ago

    CNN throws Biden under the bus ?

  • Gilbert Villarreal 4 months ago

    I like the Gears of War soldier with the champion belt he was great in the game

  • Louisiana Cherokee 4 months ago

    I didn’t vote for it,, NEVER!! And yet I carry the shame!

  • Reggie Dunlop 4 months ago

    Jill Biden wants unity? Maybe the faux doctor should tell Joe to stop saying that white supremacy is the greatest threat America faces!!


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