Gutfeld: Cartoon character can’t call authorities because it might offend minorities

Published on September 14, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ guests discuss Scooby Doo’s Velma being stripped of her police calling powers in a video game after complaints. #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • ToBeContinued 0072 1 year ago

    Video games are only for loosers. Hm, what little you know yet again. The more I see kat, the more I realize she is not the sharpest pencil in the box, hell, not even an eraser. Oh, but for a year i played. So that is the only time it was ok, and only for you. How people must loathe and despise behind your back.

  • Pauline Ackermann 1 year ago

    The whole thing is racist. Why would anyone assume only Black people are criminals and afraid of police? Aren’t there criminals of all races? Aren’t most Black people law abiding citizens who want safe neighborhoods like every other race? I’m pretty sure there are police of every race in this country. Why is it always about race on the left? Why can’t “criminals” be afraid of the police and leave it at that?~:>

  • Alex Badders 1 year ago

    Jim Norton kills and I love that he shows up! So funny

  • Scott Kennedy 1 year ago

    they seriously need to start handing out massive amounts of mental health medications like tic tacs to these bootlicking leftists

  • chumgrinder25 1 year ago

    Instead of taking him off in the Mystery Van, how about just giving him to two shotgun-toting Georgia guys in a white pickup truck? Because that turned out so much better.

  • Obi the BEEF 1 year ago

    Velma is actually overpowered in that game XD

  • M is for Margaret 1 year ago

    So… What about calling the cops over white baddies? Okay?

  • Jason Moore 1 year ago

    This is being framed wrong. She’s calls the cops on everyone. That’s her job with mystery inc. she solves the crimes and then calls the cops. She is the smart, capable one. The rest of them are just bungling idiots. Smart girls are hot…..HI KAT. I know you are married, but you’re still hot.

    Keep her and Tyrus, cause that giant is cool as fuuuk.

  • GoldenShellback 1 year ago

    Trump/DeSantis 2024
    DeSantis 2028
    DeSantis 2032
    I don’t see how people do not grasp this.

  • C Tom 1 year ago

    That’s just funny.

  • Army Engineer twentyoneA 1 year ago

    The guy speaking at 5:10 — he has all the mannerisms of Don Rickles. I was half hoping he’s start a roast. Has a very passing likeness to him as well. And his comment “you all brought it on yourselves.” just seems like something Don would say. If he delivered it with just a bit more animation…

  • Sole Doubt 1 year ago

    Black Fragility is the real pandemic. 🙂

  • Sole Doubt 1 year ago

    Im surprised the lefties arent saying that the word “jinkies” is a racial slur.

  • Eplicor Hunts 1 year ago

    in kats defense, crossy roads is pritty fkin awsome xD

    just the chicken tho 😛

  • The Battle Rabbit 1 year ago

    So, instead of getting into a fight and calling the cops, now Velma beats a black guy up and then calls her friends to abduct him. Yeah, that’s so much better.

  • Nuff Said! 1 year ago

    Woke: I’m ofended! I’m ofended! I’m ofended!
    Rest of the world: Get a life you wanker!
    Nuff Said!

  • Margaret 1 year ago

    I was listening to Gutfeld just now he said we didn’t know where the viruses came from.


    Is it a coincidence that every election year has some disease?


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