Gutfeld: Biden’s war on parents

Published on October 22, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the DOJ targeting concerned parents at school board meetings
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  • BRENDA JONES 2 years ago

    He should resign,but I doubt he is. He was so sharp at the debate,what freakin happened?

  • Blake Dy 2 years ago

    Of course Biden hates parents. They are what’s between him and that sweet sweet hair.

  • Tim Talaski 2 years ago

    Joe Taylor didn’t just declare war on parents, he declared war on America

  • Deborah L 2 years ago

    CRT is what the Germans taught back in the thirties.

  • Kenneth Yearber 2 years ago


  • Clyde Boyce 2 years ago

    When did the AG target the real Domestic Terrorists ” BLM ” for rioting, burning, looting, & murdering in all the Democratic Cities and instigated by Democrats?

  • Randy Martindale 2 years ago

    Very knowledgeable

  • Lynn Boynton 2 years ago

    Garland has shitting on perents down pat.

  • Me Jesse 2 years ago

    The radical right has become so radical, they will do anything to keep power and control your life, the far right radical Supreme court recently struck down the voting rights act, radical Republicans all over the country are introducing and passing laws to suppress your voting rights, they’ve gerrymandered to cheat the electoral college, they tried to overthrow our Government and overturn our free and fair elections with a violent insurrection on 1/6, Americans must save our democracy from the radical right Republicans and never allow them in power again! Their overturning women’s constitutional right to healthcare. And that’s just the beginning, their now paying vigilantes to hunt down people that have had abortions and bring them to justice, the GOP truly is a dangerous and radical group that must be stopped!

    Americans better wake up or you’re gonna find yourself losing everything you own including your human rights, what you, as the fascist radical right turns into a Putin oligarchy. The Republicans have wasted over $9 trillion dollars on overseas wars as our roads and bridges crumbled and they gave dozens of tax breaks to their rich friends to gain access to campaign money. The Republicans have limited your wages by ignoring giving you a Federal minimum wage increase in more than two decades, allowing the separation from the ultra rich from everyone else.

  • Me Jesse 2 years ago

    So this clown is saying it’s ok for parents to intimidate and threaten school officials, this is how radical
    the GOP has become!

  • Alana Adams 2 years ago

    These parents need to file a class action suit against the school board. Parents are paying the bills

  • Rosemary Sypolt 2 years ago

    We see how biden raised hunter, please don’t let this man hurt your children, biden has a reprobate mind, a man who stands for nothing. He is so fearful he too is building a wall around his house, what does that tell you, evil and fear go together

  • SCOTTISH 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 2 years ago

    Why didn’t garland go after BLM? Weren’t they more a threat than parent?

  • Jim Caldwell 2 years ago

    “Education: Free and Compulsory” by Murray Rothbard should be read by every parent and tax-payer.

  • victims vs victors 2 years ago

    We want to stop rioters, they want to stop Evylen and Bill

  • The Truth Channel 2 years ago

    *We learned one thing during the hearings – Merrick Garland is NOT really Attorney General.*

  • Stan Catalin 2 years ago

    It is disturbing to see the DOJ weaponized against parents… So the government knows better what’s best for children, not the parents. What a disgrace! Parents have the most authority in raising their kids, teachers are hired to assist and stick to teaching only, not politics and personal agendas.

  • Sean Simms 2 years ago

    These so called parents are full of $hit, ain’t school boards voted in? How the hell did all these parents miss all these Radicals getting on these school boards? These parents are no different than the angry white parents in the 1960s and 1970s who didn’t want their kids attending school with black kids, remember how the Feds escorted the black kids to school? Some states never will uphold the rights of some of their citizens, thats when the feds step in just like the 1960s, these parents should of never voted in these Radicals in the first dam place.


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