Gutfeld: Biden is fed up with the media’s focus on his age

Published on December 14, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelist react to reports President Biden reportedly ‘vented to allies’ about the media’s coverage on his age.
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  • BidenPutinpants 1 year ago

    Joe isn’t running
    Michelle is

  • Guy K Walter 1 year ago

    Why are we expected to settle for inept politicians? Are we not supposed to have qualified leaders? Why not? Why are we expected to make allowances for their short comings?

  • Zalzalak J 1 year ago

    It is not only about age; it’s all about the crisis and crimes he committed; strangely, he is still in office; what happened to his impeachment? All was talk and no action. It’s sad the country Biden, Obama’s treason, and John Kerry, supported all are laughing at Biden.

  • sturmer 1 year ago

    “And the children shall lead them (him)!”

  • Lha A 1 year ago

    My 90 year old neighbor makes 100 times more sense than Biden did 40 years ago. His speeches are still around,he was stupid as hell then.

  • Diamelis Mena 1 year ago

    The border is going to put America in a third country possition

  • Orange Hat Music 1 year ago

    He’s so old he forgot what America was supposed to be like.

  • Chief Waukon 1 year ago

    “Demoncraptic ideas,” to end the country..

  • Bob Hunt 1 year ago

    Joe’s first official campaign for the presidency was almost 35 years ago. How sad for him that when he finally succeeded he’d proven to be totally unfit for the job. Unfortunately for us his success is even sadder for the country.

  • chuckyz2 1 year ago

    30% want Joe to run again? There are a lot of stupid people out there.
    Half the country want dems running the Country. We have a serious problem and it aint Joe.
    It’s the stupid people that vote for these evil people. SMH.

  • BUD WEISER 1 year ago

    Did Brandon sniff her hair?

  • Fritz Volz 1 year ago

    Joe Biden is so old, his first pet was a Pantytrace dinosaur.

  • C HAGER 1 year ago

    That’s just too funny

  • Chief Waukon 1 year ago


  • Toolman 1 year ago

    They shouldn’t be focusing on Biden’s age. They should be focusing on getting the fool
    out of the White House now before he totally corrupts and totally demolishes this country.
    Nothing is more important than that. it is obvious there are too many people still
    want him for president. Too many very stupid lazy people that want to depend on
    Government for survival!. If Biden runs he will win again. The
    Democrats have proven this in the last two elections. The Dem’s have outsmarted
    the Republicans to many times already. They are corrupt and will stop at nothing
    to ruin this country and use Biden as fall guy.
    The next thing they will nominate the Sam Brinton Freak, to run for president..

  • Bill W. 1 year ago

    Age is just a number but advanced mental acuity, especially as president, is a major issue.

  • Gooby Tron 1 year ago

    If Trump is elected in 2024 the Democrats will suddenly become obsessed with his age.


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