Gutfeld: Biden confused two countries on opposite sides of Earth

Published on February 10, 2024

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld goes over this week’s leftovers and ‘Gutfeld!’ reacts to Special Counsel Robert Hurt announcing no charges in President Biden’s classified documents scandal.

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  • @kurtwomack6473 2 months ago

    On fire tonight! LMFAO. Way too easy to mock this junta.

  • @joem3502 2 months ago

    Faking it. Like Uncle Junior in Sopranos.

  • @Champion849 2 months ago

    😂😂 👏
    Amazing !

  • @williammurdock5709 2 months ago

    Biden asserts his memory is just fine, immediately proves himself wrong. It’s impossible to make this stuff up.

  • @C5B-jc1yj 2 months ago

    Yeah, Biden brought things back to normal…to the Lunatic Left.

  • @ryanclyde4789 2 months ago

    Great segment!🤣

  • @VladimirPutin1ZOV 2 months ago

    I feel sorry he is your president.. or what ever he is i don’t know his pronouns

  • @patricklim6686 2 months ago

    Will be see the Easter Bunny more at presidential press conferences to steer Joe away from the room?

  • @hp3073529 2 months ago

    Throughly enjoyable. One of Gutfeld’s best!

  • @pileof 2 months ago

    Maybe he is doing a good job ?

  • @sidmonkey9539 2 months ago


    get ur sh^t right..

  • @mcbillygoat 2 months ago

    Donald Trump is polling terribly among Transgender Republicans. If Donald Trump is desperate for their vote, he needs to appeal to their interests.

  • @jeffgraham8947 2 months ago

    Staff didn’t steal Classified Documents that Lying Biden had in possession for over fifteen years either

  • @hunterb1215 2 months ago

    Democrats do nothing but lie!

  • @carolynschatte2965 2 months ago

    Fire Bragg.

  • @slayeroftrolls1200 2 months ago

    Trump confused oboma and Biden

  • @andrewjohnson6907 2 months ago

    Alvin Bragg identifies as Nick/Her

  • @Slickboot21 2 months ago

    Hey, Joe!
    That “Left-Overs” intro was pretty good.
    At least you won’t be meatballs in the morning.
    You’re the best!!
    — Texas

  • @JDtalkshit 2 months ago

    Biden was confused on which story he was talking about. Biden did talk to Mexico about opening the border. Mexico had to open their southern border for Biden plan to work.


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