Gutfeld: Bernie finally beat out Biden

Published on September 1, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s popularity, as a new poll has the Vermont senator leading prospective 2024 contenders with the highest overall favorability.
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  • John Jonzz 1 year ago

    46% are incredibly limited in IQ points

  • William Witter 1 year ago

    When Gov Newsom recently departed California for Texas it was overheard “that S-Hole state Does look best in the rear view mirror!”

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Guffd yo conoco todo Jonson

  • Array Meditations 1 year ago

    I work at a dry cleaner.. we don’t clean leather.

  • Layland 🩸 1 year ago

    this idea we need a nice president is a flawed notion. Even if he’s, not she, is roughly so what, does he govern well the affairs of our nation. DeSantis would probably be the ultimate solution, but Trump is made for the job, it’s his destiny.

  • Michael Sanders 1 year ago

    This is not a good thing. Bernie Sanders is the end of the USA if he gets into power.

  • Terry Lane 1 year ago

    At least with Bernie, you know what you will be getting. Can’t say that about most political chameleons, changing votes with prevailing conditions and bribes.

  • Donald Timpson 1 year ago

    “Once a socialist, always a socialist” – Hate to disagree, but Thomas Sowell show’s how magnificently someone can be turned around.

  • African-Storm 1 year ago

    Is this a news station or a comedy show?

  • Aaron Woodard 1 year ago

    I dont think that woman knows what idioms are… i think she may be thinking of the word proverb though…

  • Seymour Wrasse 1 year ago

    the last time Pisspants Obiden and Burnme Slanders met in person, they had to beat each other off with a stick

  • Seymour Wrasse 1 year ago

    Pisspants Obiden’s biggest problem is he hates America for not electing him while he was young enough to enjoy all he’s stealing. At Joe’s age Hunter will get all Joe’s money, and we all know what Hunter does with the widows in the family

  • Chase Merritt 1 year ago

    Jesus Christ 5 entire minutes of every single joke bombing. It’s like he’s not even trying. I can’t watch this. If he just delivered the news seriously like he used to, then this would be 10x more entertaining.

  • EvaUnit 00Alex 1 year ago

    I love Greg and Ty’s chemistry

  • Katharine Meza 1 year ago

    La manera que cuentas las noticias, me hace reir mucho. Felicidades por tu exitoso show.

  • scott phillips 1 year ago

    64 yr old 20 yr. Army vet here. i advocate the “Nicolai Ceausescu Treatment” for politicians that sell the USA down the river. No more million $$ book deals….no more 60K speech engagements. They get a bullet. There would be a LOTTA dems in the morgue! America First!!

  • Todd 1 year ago

    Bernie finally BEAT OFF Biden !! I HOPE SOMEONE GOT THAT ON TAPE !!


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