Gutfeld: An ex-government official claims we have alien bodies

Published on July 27, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on UFO whistleblower David Grusch, Ryan Graves and David Fravor answering lawmakers’ questions on alleged government secrecy regarding unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).
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  • SSDirk1976 4 months ago

    Well call me Mr. Toad cause I wanna lick every inch of Kat AND this Kacie lady…where has she been hiding???…hmmmmm

  • BornofWaterandSpirit 4 months ago

    That sounds like a cross between scientology and morninism combined with satanism. That is a very dangerous mix. People belive that they are gods and that there are nany God s polytheists. Where is to only give one God monotheistic. That is what i am. The bible on it hermeneutic that is the context within the co text. Throughout all of the canon the Bible brings light too. There is no room for any other gods there is only one God who transcends the boundaries of people’s minds. He’s the ultimate barrier breaker. But the borders have been set up because their are not alway good people. Even though we give everybody the benefit of the doubt you know when you’re speaking with someone who just doesn’t care. This is a problem because they don’t have a recollection or knowledge that the god of the Bible one God with the Bible does is it shows all the other gods that try to be him but will never be. So we got to dig our way out of the muck just to be able to understand that simple things that God has taught us like love each love Him. Have the devil has done that as trick people into believing things like aliens that cannot be true. So i belive you have a better understanding of what is truly happing. That is uplifting. My prayer for you, is that you would find Him. our lord has not called us to be Christian. That has been draged theough the mud. But something that is true. Follower of the way is that there is no labeling. You can call ourselves followers of the way because we try to be exactly what our lord said. I am the Way the truth and the life. So we are followers at the way of Yeshua who is the Messiah God. We all know this to be true because we celebrated it Christmas every year not all of us but everybody knows about it everybody on Earth knows story of jesus’s birth not a lot of people know about the story of April fool’s Day. That was the day that our Lord resurrected from the dead in the devil is made it a fool’s Day we’re about to do the same to him we will make him a fool now.

  • rcf97 4 months ago

    Mitch, lets just use that minute of silence to remember how much better it was with Trump but hear you, I’m speechless also!

  • Sean Murphy 4 months ago

    We are cynical

  • BowlingGreenTampaMan 4 months ago

    So is this the Smoke or the Mirrors ? They Swamp Dwellers are trying to confuse us . The timing is TOO convenient . Show me , OR it’s just another ” LOOK OVER HERE ! “

  • C J 4 months ago

    Maybe people are just bored waiting for the government to catch/wake up

  • Rajesh Kumar 4 months ago

    It’s a robot bird

  • Peter Olsen 4 months ago

    i heard they didnt give them a SKIF room to discuss classified alien things because it was in use, it seems it was full of cocaine and a red backpack……

  • yeong on 4 months ago

    if alien so hugh tech like those idiot say we already extinct ten million ago why they keep around the around earth sky they can instead invade us rule or destory humanity this E.T BS just like those church fathers say god spoken to then Lucifer yesterday enter my dream ask for my help to release him from hell do believe if you do then more dumb then
    joe biden

  • Alan MacTroll 4 months ago

    when you cover UFOs , your scraping the barrel and .. ufo talk is like climate change, it is a catch all for discretionary spending.

  • Slim Monkey 4 months ago

    New day. New psyche op.

  • Lola Cagney 4 months ago

    OK, so aliens visit the planet. We’ve known that since 1947. Now. let’s get back to the Biden corruption investigation, and how the Attorney General and FBI Director weaponized their agencies as political tools and lied to Congress.

  • FortheLuIz 4 months ago

    Bruh. This dude, this writing, this whole deal is Cringe in a huge way.

  • Dwavico 4 months ago

    When aliens fly past Earth they lock their doors

  • D W 4 months ago

    Fallen ones

  • earthaltar 4 months ago

    Aliens are here to harvest your neurotransmitters and endocrine systems which they use as a drug, and your reproductive organs to manipulate DNA for the creation of human/alien hybrids. Your government has allowed this in exchange for their technology. These are not pleasant beings. The aliens are worse. Your Judeo Christian values are a foreign concept to them, and they are not shared in any way whatsoever. They will split you open, and gut you like a fish without a second thought just for the pleasure of seeing you suffer then harvest the adrenaline. Our leaders have made a pact with monsters. Resist!

  • Bat Man 4 months ago

    Batshit crazy….follow the money.


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