Gun Safety, Immigration, Environment: Things Sen. Warren Would Vote On In A Post-Filibuster Senate

Published on January 18, 2022

In part two of her interview with Stephen, Sen. Warren lists the many urgent topics she would take up in the Senate in the absence of a filibuster rule creating deadlock. Stick around for part three of Sen. Warren’s interview with Stephen! #Colbert #ElizabethWarren #SenatorWarren

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  • Woodbug 2 years ago

    Damn…a non sold out Dem. Great Lady!

  • elfsong713 2 years ago

    I really want to believe her that she’ll fight for voting rights and everything else that we need.
    But we’ve heard a lot of flowery promises from Democrats. It’s been a year and we’ve gotten none of it. So why would it change now? I believe there is no level of horrible they won’t make us tolerate.

  • laalaa99stl 2 years ago

    A sense of defeat and despair in democracy was exactly what Putin was hoping for when he installed Previous Guy. Don’t give in to those feelings!

  • Pickle Mike 2 years ago

    So shell go and fight if it fails Wednesday, but have they really fought that hard up to now. Sounds the same as the past 5 years. Just boring and tiring

  • Rolyat Neek 2 years ago

    She should’ve been the nominee for the election. Biden’s reneged on his promise of student loan forgiveness. Warren would’ve cancelled all student debt by now.

  • Judith Parsons 2 years ago

    Reform gun safety and environment. She is a powerhouse- so wish she were President. Brilliant!

  • D.E. Sarcarean 2 years ago

    Hey look, its snake oil saleswoman lady! In about 10 months, democrats are going to loose majority and then suddenly have a change of heart and think the filibuster is a good thing. Revisit my comment a year from now and like it when this happens.

  • Chooki Mongoni 2 years ago

    Democrats are going to loose big because just like no one in the republican party has the balls to call out trump, no one in the spineless democrat party has the balls to call out president manchin and vp sinema.

  • No Comment 2 years ago

    99 9… yeah!

  • Marty trueblut 2 years ago

    is she white again or Indian or native..
    she is rich though
    oh well…
    good for business

  • Taylor Maid 2 years ago

    I know I’ll probably get flak for stating this but I think she’s an incredible woman who has great plans and brilliant ideas.

  • Travis Webb 2 years ago

    I wish our congress worked for the American people, not corporations and themselves.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    And that’s why the Right wants it.. they know they can’t win fairly, because they aren’t the majority’s choice.

  • R F 2 years ago

    Once you snake, ur always a snake. Slither away Liz. Slither away.

  • Awesome Dee 2 years ago

    If the Supreme court ruled that OSHA couldn’t mandate vaccines because OSHA regulates in work hazards, then why not have the agency responsible for public safety regulate it?

  • Na M 2 years ago

    If Warren decides to run again in 2024, she’s got my vote.


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