Guillermo’s Road Trip to Brooklyn: Stop #3 – Pittsburgh

Published on October 17, 2019

We will be in Brooklyn, New York all next week for five shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. To raise awareness of this important event, we sent our goodwill ambassador Guillermo on a road trip. He is making his way across the country and tonight the #Guillermobile is in Pittsburgh at the original Primanti Brothers. He is joined by Toni Haggaerty, the manager of Primanti Brothers, who shows us how to make one of their famous sandwiches, and legendary lounge singer Franki Capri. Guillermo’s next stop is Philadelphia! #KimmelinBrooklyn

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  • S.N.J 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel show is Entertaining because of Guillermo.
    Do you agree??? GIVE A LIKE

  • Sunil Sunil 2 years ago

    *If want to laugh then come here and watch this show…You will laugh out laugh*

  • Sunil Sunil 2 years ago

    *Gullimaro speaks like a innocent kid…*

  • Gita Kadian 2 years ago

    *Guillermo!!! Let’s go!*

  • Stefan Aleo 2 years ago

    This makes me homesick for Primantis

  • Gary Turbo 2 years ago

    I thought thier fight song is Black And Yellow


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