Guest Host Chelsea Handler on the Awfulness That is Melania Trump, Lauren Boebert & Ginni Thomas

Published on June 29, 2022

Guest host Chelsea Handler talks about her chemistry with Guillermo, new text messages revealing that Melania Trump said no to tweeting about the attacks on Capitol, Clarence Thomas’ wife Virginia Thomas refusing to testify in front of the House Select Committee about her role on January 6th, Andrew Giuliani losing the Republican primary for New York Governor, R Kelly getting hit with a 30 year prison term for racketeering and sex trafficking, Congressmonster Lauren Boebert being one of the biggest MAGA Morons ever, and Guillermo sits down with the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder to play his version of spin the bottle but with Thor’s hammer.


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  • Morris stewart 1 year ago

    Girl needs her own show. By that I mean Chelsea Handler. Get ’em.

  • David James Henry 1 year ago

    I didn’t expect Taika to have such utter contempt for Guillermo

  • unknown 1 year ago

    Comedy shows in America….. is Becoming grounds for political football ….the jokes on trump are getting old now ….fading, joe embarrassed you all …you guys are financially screwed all your hard work tax being sent to a country that will never do the same for you …..

  • Michael H. 1 year ago


  • Mr. Abdu 1 year ago


  • David Huijbens 1 year ago

    I love guillermo. Such a great sport!

  • Luciano Barragan 1 year ago

    Guillermo looks like a little Arnold.

  • Tray Nada 1 year ago

    Slayed! Loved it!

  • Lal rinmawia 1 year ago

    This women is jeleous…

  • Ace Ace 1 year ago

    the problem is that melania has signed a contract when she first met that orange creature with epstien and crew so thats why she cant open her mouth and say anything..
    but she will show the world how that creature creeps her out..
    bet you that kid was produce through artificial insemination…

  • F?СК МЕ. ТАР ОN MY РIC 1 year ago

    Came here for Chelsea because she’s been doing such a great job, and loving this because Taika Waititi is a treasure.

  • Mateo Marq 1 year ago

    Chelsea, we need you in late night. Great job this week!

  • Rain 1 year ago

    She is so much better than Jimmy

  • Carol Haggard 1 year ago

    Lauren Boebert is just so vile and the Guiliani’s!!!

  • Gabe Maldonado 1 year ago

    Guellermo eating Twinkies while taking tequila shots is the best TV anywhere.

  • Susan Keith 1 year ago

    Vaginny and Uncle Clarence!!! A demonic coupling of a pair of bigoted traitors!!

  • jaredlopez1979 1 year ago

    Kinda miss Chelsea Lately now…


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