Guest Host Chelsea Handler on Roe v. Wade Being Overturned, Giuliani’s “Slap” & GOP Hypocrites

Published on June 27, 2022

Guest Host Chelsea Handler talks about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, massive protests all across the country and countless people carrying some very creative posters, women removing menstruation apps from their phones, Justice Clarence Thomas saying that contraception rights and gay rights might need to be overturned as well, Nancy Pelosi reading a poem in response to the decision, what it really means to be “pro-life,” Marjorie Taylor Greene bringing God into the mix, the Texas State Attorney General closing the office early on Friday and declaring an official holiday in celebration of Roe being overturned, Rudy Giuliani getting “slapped” over the weekend, and some suggestions on some laws to legislate men bodies.


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  • Chris Watkins 9 months ago

    Oral sex never got anyone pregnant

  • Javier Campos 9 months ago

    Chelsea looks like she wants to cry, the sad part i don’t know who is worse chelsea or jimmy, not funny at all, its sad

  • Julie Rogers 9 months ago

    LOVE YOU, Chelsea!

  • Amarnath J 9 months ago

    Chelsea is the best guest host

  • Brighton Babe 9 months ago

    Do we realise their is s direct link between the Jan 6 Insurrection and the destroying of womens rights over their body and other rights such as to marry the person you love – Ginni Thomas. She has no children. Has she seen the Handmade’s Tail? Is she wanting to add babies to the population.

  • PwopSullay 9 months ago

    Oh we’ve had a layered family group chat system for a while now

  • Marie E 9 months ago

    Thank you, Chelsea! This was cathartic!

  • Bronwyn Burns 9 months ago

    America if they defeat democrats America is done. Yeah save every life. What a disgusting party REPUGNICANS.. they do not care.

  • Brandon Lynn 9 months ago

    Rudy is hilarious 😂😂😂 I guess it just shows u how politicians always lie and exaggerate. Like how can you ever trust anything he says again when such blatant video contradicts his “near death experience”

  • Wise Man 9 months ago

    I thought that women were second class citizens in the USA Chelsea. What are you doing hosting.

  • Joseph A Diaz 9 months ago

    Marjorie Taylor Greenes God is Satan.

  • Sabrina 9 months ago

    What about my life!!!! It deserves to be wanting to be saved!! Once I become pregnant I’m just an incubator with zero rights!! It’s okay for someone else to use my body to stay alive for 9 months!

  • David McC666 9 months ago

    But Trump ia a genius.

  • mh6474 9 months ago

    Vote vote vote, they are coming for social security. Wic, public schools, medicare, unemployment. All these are socialism. They will cut these so rich Republicans can take another tax break. Apparently $760 was too much for trump to pay.

  • William Bennett 9 months ago

    You were great until you started bashing Trump now I don’t want you anymore

  • #MaMaStay 💜 StrayKids 💜 Hyunlix 9 months ago

    She was so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dao Lieu 9 months ago

    Love Chelsea handler

  • Aaron VanderDeen 9 months ago

    As someone in Canada who is observing this from the outside, the US is truly falling apart b/c of people like these in the video. It’s sad to see people clapping at the very things that are killing the next generation, and destroying the present one.

  • Total T 9 months ago

    Thank you Chelsey.🌹

  • Sindollx666x 9 months ago

    Well said Ms. Handler!


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