Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Trump & Musk Duking it Out and We Welcome New Citizens to America!

Published on July 13, 2022

Anthony says farewell after three nights of guest hosting the show, Los Angeles is about to reach what the CDC is calling a “high community COVID level,” New York City’s office of emergency management put out a terrifying PSA about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, Donald Trump and Elon Musk have been duking it out online, an Amazon Driver delivered something extra in Pennsylvania, new emojis are on the way, and since traditional citizenship ceremonies are boring, we gave a group of brand new citizens the introduction they deserve, plus roundtrip tickets to any National Park in the USA with help from Anaheim Ducks announcer Phil Hulett and national treasure George Takei.


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  • Zendy Garrido 11 months ago

    Remember when Trump was hoping Musk would buy Twitter so that Trump would be allowed back into Twitter? He kissed his chance goodbye

  • Janelle Sampson 11 months ago

    I smiled and cheered soooo much during the citizenship celebration. That was awesome!!!!

  • Anime Dumpster Fire 11 months ago

    Who becomes citizen of a country that’s 10 minutes away from a civil war?

  • Lynn Brown 11 months ago

    Thank you that was wonderful made my evening!

  • Harry Carrey 11 months ago

    I know people are over hearing non stop about Trump when my superal liberal MSNBC watching aunt no longer watches him anymore because of the same schtick every night.

  • Charles Gallagher 11 months ago

    Loved how Anthony was holding the corn dog like a microphone.

  • Brushfire Studios 11 months ago

    awesome. only here, only here. MY BEST WISHES TO THE NEW CITIZENS. One day, I too will take up the oath.

  • Susan Branche Poteet 11 months ago

    I love seeing our new citizens celebrated. Thanks to George Takei, the airlines, and the JK Show.

  • Barry McKockiner 11 months ago

    This dude is boring

  • Luis Corona 11 months ago

    You blacks are crazy though so of course

  • Manuel Ortiz 11 months ago

    One of the coolest days of my life was when we got released for liberty on family day in boot camp. Being taken to the big auditorium alongside my fellow Marines soon to be citizens. Going out to the cheering crowd of families welcoming us as US Citizens.

  • sam morris 11 months ago


  • Fnu Lnu 11 months ago

    Forgotten about Uvalde already

  • WishIWasCatLadyVivian 11 months ago

    If New York were to be hit with a nuclear bomb, no one would be alive to follow that advice!!!! This is about as bad as the turtle in the “Duck and Cover” spots from the 1950’s. Kids are under their desks with their arms and hands over their faces.

  • FearlessVampireKiller 11 months ago

    Emmys are for talented people.


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