Growing Fears Over Deepfake Technology & Sarah Sanders’s White House Exit | The Daily Show

Published on June 16, 2019

Stanford’s sailing coach gets off easy in the college admissions scandal, fears about deepfakes grow prior to the 2020 election, Sarah Huckabee Sanders quits, and archeologists find weed that’s 2,500 years old.



  • robert bronecke 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh , are you all shitting me!!!!! If I were to have done that I’d be sentenced to life in prison , wow f this shit

  • Jeffery C 5 months ago

    no longer entertainment through comedy, just more bullshit… get the truth. your pissing micro plastic people…ffs.

  • José Luis Nieto Enríquez 5 months ago

    If he can prove he spent all the money in the team, I guess he deserves leniency… but 1 day??? come on!!!

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12 5 months ago

    Do not searchengine deepfake porn!

  • Big Kerv 5 months ago

    Man is it good to be white

  • Captain Morgan 5 months ago

    At the end ; Nice imitation of Chin and Chon ???

  • Sheepless N Seattle 5 months ago

    When Sarah Huckleberry Sanders can’t stomach Commander Bone Spurs’ shenanigans anymore, to the point that she is actually retreating to the Land of Arkansas, it’s BAD.

  • Vishnu Emsrp 5 months ago

    Damn just 1 day behind bars and you can steal $600k. So this is what land of opportunity sounds and feels like. People let’s go to America we can take $600k from any one and plus we get a day behind bars. NICE !.

  • Will Wright 5 months ago

    The weed thing is like Duh? What do you think Native Americans smoked in their peace pipes! field grass?!?! No morons, POT! That’s what they were smoking.

  • jason xx 5 months ago

    I see my actions is wrong now…

  • Kweku Williams 5 months ago

    This is b*******. The criminal justice system keeps doing this. Community Justice may be necessary

  • tomasito292 5 months ago

    The American legal system was put in place to fuck over the poor middle class and to protect the rich and White. And as long as whites are the majority in the USA this fact will never change. Oh by the way that is way 80% of all inmates in the USA are either Blacks or Hispanics. This is what your dumb ass president and his followers are all about keeping the people DOWN.

  • JAY 5 months ago

    Yeah okay and how much of that money went to him spending it on him and his family I’m sure all he did for the team did not cost no $610,000 and it’s Stanford I know they get funding.

  • John Mista 5 months ago

    Remember that college student who only spent three months in jail for attempted rape and sexual assult? Not sure why were surprised by this

  • Kate Winslow 5 months ago

    A better punishment would be having to donate the amount involved to programs that benefit under privileged kids by helping them in school or to get into college/university. That and banned from any involvement in college or u diversity education programs

  • Lisa Austin 5 months ago

    Classic example of yet MORE wHite privilege 😤🤦🏽‍♀️😡

  • S R 5 months ago

    But they hanged Robin Hood.

  • Stephanie MarieTv 5 months ago


  • The Man 5 months ago

    Well to be honest, he did spend it on his students.. Some other teachers prob. didn’t spend it that noble to be fair. I wonder what they will do when they actually get a bad egg to burn.

  • rtehcs 5 months ago

    This is gross negligence at its worst.


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