Grimace Puts Trump On The Hot Seat

Published on January 16, 2019

Donald Trump has finally agreed to sit down and answer questions… from Grimace.

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  • Minh Quan Vo 7 months ago


  • jhwheuer 7 months ago

    Funny when a billionaire can only afford fast food….

  • Mary S 7 months ago

    So disgraceful!

  • Emre Yavuzoğlu 7 months ago

    0:57 Grimace should sue Trump for touching him inappropriately. Poor Grimace 😭 He was never the same again…

  • Laylaa 7 months ago

    Hamberder – |’ham ber der| noun like a hamburger but served cold and presented on a silver platter by an idiot.

  • Filipe Cunha 7 months ago

    Those burgers are dry after 2mn. I can only imagine how’s it like after an hour waiting. Cold and dry…and they didn’t even heel. You can only imagine if they did. He would give them toilet paper.

  • Laylaa 7 months ago

    Perfect illustration of Trump: He’s got a staff of chefs who can cook literally ANYTHING, including any number of delicious and nutritious meals, but he’s used to fast food so his thought process just stops there and he doesn’t care to hear or learn anything more about food. So, instead of fresh and delicious steak and chicken fajitas, for instance, he serves processed garbage to elite athletes. Pathetic.

  • Violeta Bianca 7 months ago

    Trump makes Grimace look fit

  • A Wee Scots Dog 7 months ago

    Murder By Burger (Sorry Don Maga swears by it) – aka He who Dealt Sh*t, Smells Sh*t

    “I know food and all ‘bout cuisine
    I’ll serve up cold burger’s and preen
    For macho-men athletes
    Who’re amongst the elites
    And then we will know where they’ve been”

    Double Don Tinder (of Double Don Tinder’s Double Entendres) has issued a challenge – who can be first to find and solve the anagram to win a bonus rhyme on your favourite Trump event or associate? Terms and conditions apply.

  • lee devlin 7 months ago

    LOL i wonder if McDonald’s gave approval for this skit..

  • A Wee Scots Dog 7 months ago

    Ode to the Nothing Burger (Or Trump Steak 2 – The Fat and Furious)

    Don Junior said ‘it is an illusion
    To believe there was any collusion
    It is very apparent
    That I am being transparent
    By flaunting my complete self-delusion.

    And Kushner seems not to regret
    His tendency oft times to forget
    Names, times or places
    (He’s no better with faces)
    Of everyone he’s ever met

    Then Trump Sr tweets ‘big Nothing Burger!’
    ‘Manafort was just arranging a merger’,
    But T’s social media gusher,
    Meant ‘merger with Russia’.
    Now that’s how to conceal, lie and perjure!

  • Zesty 7 months ago

    The original ad has Trump say, _”You’re a man of few words. I like that.”_
    But what he really likes is to rabbit on for over two minutes without actually denying that he’s a Russian asset.

  • MLG HELP 7 months ago

    “Im going to jail.”
    Grimace: “YUP!”

  • KingOfMadCows 7 months ago

    Trump works much better with Hamberdler.

  • True Black Knight 7 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 & for a long time too💯

  • New Message 7 months ago

    Donnie does look like the bastard love child of Ronald McDonald, and the Hamburgler.

  • giggergigger1 7 months ago

    very funny and sadly very accurate


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