Gretchen Carlson Sees A Cultural Shift On Sexual Harassment

Published on October 26, 2017

‘Be Fierce:: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back’ author Gretchen Carlson is trying to use her experience at Fox News to inform other women about sexual harassment.

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  • Edward Maxwell 2 years ago

    I feel no sympathy for her. She’s a disgusting human being, just like everyone at Fox News.
    The reason we have President Trump is because people like her fanned the flames of hatred.

  • Connie Waisanen 2 years ago

    I support Ms. Carlson 100%, she was victimized and she received justice. However, it now seems like she’s trying to take credit for ALL women coming forward with sexual assault allegations in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein. To say that SHE came forward so that ALL other women would feel empowered to come forward feels quite disingenuous to me. I’m glad she came forward, I’m proud she came forward, I’m incredibly happy that she received justice, but considering her vile belief system as a whole, being a Fox mouthpiece, I’d like her to take a seat now. (I don’t think Stephen is buying it either.)

  • Skankhunt42 2 years ago

    Well, you can take the girl out of Fox but you can’t take the Fox out of the girl it seems. I mean, cool, she spoke up I don’t hate that, but it’s a little annoying to see her spin every question into an applause line answer. Seriously, everything Stephen asks she just answers with the same line about helping other women etc. and the crowd obviously applauds. Classic Fox News question dodge.

  • The Cadaver 2 years ago

    I wish her the very best.

    FOX News is still cancer.

  • f quint 2 years ago

    I want to dislike because of how much I can’t stand this woman…but I won’t.

  • Joyce Russell 2 years ago

    I have a difficult time feeling bad for her after the vitriol & lies she spewed for years on end. No woman should endure sexual harassment but she is not someone I can feel sympathetic towards.

  • WhatWas ThatNoise? 2 years ago

    What a skank, her only claim to fame is attacking men and trying to make Fox (the former employer who made her ass) look bad.

    Pathetic if you ask me.

  • japhygato 2 years ago

    This lady tries to rebrand herself after spending 10+ years of actively telling people they are bad if they don’t get in line. Whether by indifference or ignorance she is a bad person. I’ve got a pocket full of sympathies. I’m not giving her one.

  • Justin Gayle 2 years ago

    Acting all brand new. All of a sudden she’s a feminist? Fake. Will she fight racism now that she’s taking a stand? Hypocrisy. She’s a beneficiary of white supremacy and white privilege, and was a tool for Fox News to spread their fascist propaganda. Barf bag please.

  • Charz Moritz 2 years ago

    braaah u say ur doing it for the public but u didnt say a word you just got paid . smh delusional. how will that help anyone except urself with more cash

  • susanrobinet 2 years ago

    I know if I were speaking about sexual harassment I would wear a shirt that looks like someone is ripping of my clothes.

  • GregTom2 2 years ago

    You don’t let a Fox guard the hen house.

  • dogless10 2 years ago

    Gretchen Carlson is terrific in many ways. Go Gretchen! ?????

  • z delany 2 years ago

    well i hope that the profits of the book she is hawking gose to a womans charity….doubt it though

  • Captain Beefheart 2 years ago

    What’s it like to suck a dick that fat and old for a job, Gretch? Fuck you, fuck Ailes, fuck Murdoch.

  • rob slover 2 years ago

    selling her book kind of diminishes her narrative here.

  • Rusty Lanky 2 years ago

    She’s a fake

  • Amber Atkins 2 years ago

    Sasha fierce?

    I’ll see myself out.

  • Dark Days 2 years ago

    The Blonde News Grinch that sole Christmas (only from brown kids) doesn’t deserve to be molested, (barely) there I said it. Now she also doesn’t deserve a F#@$%W platform!!!! Stephen every time we think you’re on board you bring one of these ridiculous stooges out again. The Mooch and Spicer were two perfect examples, and until they star together in a buddy comedy (it could work) they also do not deserve a platform! This is not your usual guests like Coldplay and Nicholas Cage’s type of ruining America, these people are destroying a whole lot more music or movies and doing real and lasting damage so Stop empowering them!!!!

  • Conrad Verner 2 years ago

    “Settlement” is very encouraging to people who have the power/money to do the crime.


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