Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Published on September 14, 2019

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why she traveled to America in a zero emissions boat and lays out the direct impact climate change has on the planet.



  • NotoriusMaximus 1 month ago

    Poor girl

  • Cellophanity Frog 1 month ago

    Not flying around the world as a child isn’t that big of a sacrifice, I made the same sacrifice as a child… It’s called not being a rich spoiled brat that can afford to fly around the world if they wanted to. I didn’t fly anywhere till I was 19, most children don’t fly anywhere actually. We are suppose to be grateful that this rich kid that could otherwise pollute the planet more than she already does chooses not to fly so she can act like she is better than everyone else? There are millions of kids on the planet that don’t fly… let me know when she goes on a hunger strike like Ghandi before you expect me to praise her for anything.

  • Nelson D S 1 month ago

    Bla bla. And the oder 5 from crew ship flight bag 2 Europe 🤣

  • Yuli 1 month ago


  • Todd Strait 1 month ago


  • Rob Warren 1 month ago

    Great interview Noah.

  • stranraerwal 1 month ago

    that “little” girl has an enormous personality and charisma. She really is a kind of Jean d’Arc of the 21st century.

  • robert dalton 1 month ago

    She got that Elon musk brain

  • CH2517Joan 1 month ago

    Knowledge is key, and that *can* be fixed.

  • dgordon1972 1 month ago

    I don’t care what we do as a whole or worldwide team at this point. Let’s be honest we’re fucked. Is there anything PROVEN that we can do, now, at this point to reverse climate change?!? Realistically no. The damage is done. We should be in a point of acceptance for the choices that we’ve made and the generations before us. We fucked Mother Earth and she’s reset herself prior to our horrible decisions. Nothing has changed. Wake up people!

  • Tracey Stark 1 month ago

    Love love love for Greta!

  • House Stark 1 month ago

    She kinda looks retarded. No offence but why do people care about the thoughts of a mentally disabled person?

  • Jackson Bangs 1 month ago

    The future has spokan! We all need to act now!

  • Thembilein 1 month ago

    This young lady is impressive. 💚

  • puspa puspita 1 month ago

    She’s a gift to this planet

  • Madroots 1 month ago

    Wow! she is smarter than the average American adult.

  • Trish 1 month ago

    This is true dedication to combating climate change: don’t give in to the allure of convenience. Reminds me of the guy at Davos who pointed out that everyone had flown in on private jets and were now talking about climate action.

  • datguydan elizondo 1 month ago

    Let’s stop talking about it and do something please

  • Gabriel Moline 1 month ago

    This well spoken, young human is someone who should be celebrated, and understood. Unfortunately for her, and any human that gives a fuck, it is far too late for any action. If humans went carbon and methane neutral today, it would not matter. The earth will become uninhabitable for billions of humans soon. Not to mention the trillions of animals, plants, and fish. Humans ruined the earth we know today, but they ruined the earth that was ten thousand years ago, too. That’s all humans do. Ruin shit. Hopefully, all humans will be dead soon. Then, of course there will be another terrible pile of shit species that will ruin everything. Over, and over, and then, mercifully the sun will expire, and perhaps all life in the entire universe will be extinguished. Perhaps.

  • R-77 1 month ago

    brainwashed idiot !


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