Greta Thunberg Becomes TIME’s Person of the Year | The Daily Show



  • ray of light 1 year ago

    Erm… what did she do??? I can think of millions of kids starving right now, being killed by drones, being raped, molested, bodies ripped apart… and they give it to a little girl who reads scripts… plus… fuck trump, obama, bush, clinton…

  • Horror HistorIan 1 year ago

    Congrats Greta!! You are representing the people on the autism spectrum and the climate activists very well

  • G- Ridez 1 year ago

    *Obvious Choice* What the FUQ did she Do Shes Useless

  • Luci de Andre 1 year ago

    Although, let’s face it, she’d probably go to a college in Sweden, or somewhere else in Europe, where she doesn’t have to pay tuition, and where admission is by merit instead of who your parents are.
    Seriously, why would she subject herself to a broken system, where legacy takes preference, and money is all that matters?

  • gmbattlemage 1 year ago

    Trevor that was Brutal haha

  • J C 1 year ago

    Congratulations! She has joined the ranks of Trump, Hitler, Obama, and Vladimir Putin! What an honor!

  • Kathleen Flacy 1 year ago

    Here is a video with Greta Thunberg saying her name:

  • Xenofon Psyllidis 1 year ago

    This is rediculous they are using this girl to promote their own agenda. I cant be asked. Rich girl living in sweden

  • Wraithe 1 year ago

    I replied to someones comment with this, but it seems it may be useful here too.

    My daughter does the protests. She knows exactly what she is fighting for. Most often they are scheduled on teacher only days or days where they arent scheduled to be at school. And she walks to and from the protest. All the “kids” who protest here walk to and from the protest sites, and either walk to school, ride a bike, or catch a bus. The students who get dropped off are usually those whos parents are driving past on the way to work. The narrow-mindedness of so many people is sickening. They do something better then you, so you hate them for it and look for any opportunity to disparage. People need to have a good hard look in the mirror before they let their insecurities out. (And yes, we recycle, use energy efficient power, renewable energy, eco friendly and recyclable locally made and grown stuff where possible, almost zero food waste, and used an electric scooter before we had to get a proper car, sadly.. at least we are trying.)

  • Frederick Wagner 1 year ago

    Great Choice of the Times

  • Stranger In the wilds 1 year ago

    Is she the little girl in I bet goat?

  • Homer S. 1 year ago

    The world leaders and by that I mean the people at the top that actually run this world are “LETTING” her have her moment and praise cause they know damn well people will forget about it after awhile like every other situation thats ever happened and nothing will fukkin change regardless.

  • James Kurt 1 year ago

    Good for her for making all those emotional speeches but she isn’t no Boyan Slat or Marino Morikawa. Both ACTUALLY created something to help

  • Eugene Ax 1 year ago

    Karma at work.

  • Alexander Trefz 1 year ago

    You think the girl that has done nothing and has a 100% worthless existence is an obvious choice? Damn Trevor, i thought you had a brain. She has done more damage to the climate than trump! No plan, no clue, stupid as hell, whines all the time, does nothing.

  • Pronortex Piornal 1 year ago

    She made it to Time! Thanks God it’s all over.

  • DY4Y 1 year ago

    This is precisely what Greta’s problem was. People give her awards and praise her so much, but they don’t actually do anything of significance.


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