Greta Claps Back After Trump’s Lame Attempt To Troll Her On Twitter

Published on December 13, 2019

Climate activist and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg, claimed the upper hand after the President’s team made a sad attempt to drag her on Twitter. #Colbert #Monologue #Comedy

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  • Shuv455 3 years ago

    Absolute bull this is.

  • George2001k 3 years ago

    The head on her body was the worst deepfake out there. The last time he was that thin, the dinosaurs walked the earth.

  • Van Slam 3 years ago

    Is he telling her to Netflix and chill??

  • Abc Def 3 years ago

    Shameless old bully is Donald “the Dumpster” Trump ???

  • Nick Alphonso 3 years ago

    5.16 the orange turd standing with his two wives

  • BK Bland 3 years ago

    Greta rules. What a great response.

  • Cheryl Sibson 3 years ago

    Epic Tweeter clap back Greta! Grace never goes back out of style!

  • Cats in Cars 3 years ago

    #Greta, clearly Be Besting better than anyone. Thank you for doing what you do, for not giving up, and trying to wake up a selfish, ignorant world to the problem that affects ALL of us, and one that time is rapidly running out to try to get a handle on.

  • George Hutchinson 3 years ago

    it’s already too late.

  • mcstaal 3 years ago

    Congratulations, Greta Thunberg! Time’s Person of the Year 2019
    Sorry, Donald. But you can still make the cover of “Doing Time” magazine.
    Inmate of the Year 2020!

  • Annie Behrens 3 years ago

    Greta is epic.

  • jacq danieles 3 years ago

    Yeah Donnie, go fjuk yourself …

  • Pretty Rickey 3 years ago

    Remember the faux right-wing outrage at that bad (but not inaccurate) Barron pun during the impeachment hearings? Why is it absent when a 16 year old girl is *actually* attacked by a jealous and deranged 73 year old snowflake?

  • Ichigo TRILLONATOR 3 years ago

    Trumpers stop fjukin they sisters to give a dislike ??

  • Missy Barbour 3 years ago

    She, can’t chill Donnie. None of us can. The planet’s on fire. That’s the whole point.

  • ss 3 years ago

    Trump can’t help himself. If there’s a young woman or in this a 16yo girl to demean, Trump will attempt to do it. He still needs to answer for his friendship with “He’s A Fun Guy” Epstein.

  • Don Moore 3 years ago

    Half the country is telling him to go Fjuk himself. Vote in November to rid us of the scourge.

  • jezebel324 3 years ago

    Fix the sound cutting out at the start!!!!

  • derek nacho0 3 years ago

    WARNING! The tea that Steven is spilling may leave Trump with a 3rd degree burn….. Sorry, not sorry ?☕?☕??

  • C J 3 years ago

    Being called “the great” by trump…
    What an accolade.


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