Greg Gutfeld: When has Hunter Biden ever dealt with consequences?

Published on February 7, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists take a closer look at the Biden family. #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Paul G 8 months ago

    Great intro! Can we let the run for an hour or so?

  • Joy Richards 8 months ago

    No the Bidens are very competent in destroying good people and a great country

  • Toby Bigham 8 months ago

    The difference between toilet paper and Hunter’s art is, the toilet paper at least has a use.

  • Jim Sephton 8 months ago

    Fox minus Tucker equals CNN.

  • Kipp Wieland 8 months ago

    This laptop thing is going to come back and bite you in the as so hard.

  • Walter Winston ONeil 8 months ago

    The completely corrupt FBI, DOJ and CIA are behind some of the worst events and evils in American history. This is true no matter how many prime time TV shows try to sell us different.

  • Shay Paris 8 months ago

    If Hunter’s paintings are worth so much ,why doesn’t he paint full time? It a pretty good profit for 3 or 4 hrs work.

  • Tresa Wilkins 8 months ago

    Haha, the 16% who claim they are better off financially since JB came into office must be Bidens and members of Congress and their family members…

  • CNC295 8 months ago

    The Democrat party is now getting ready to run hunter Biden for senate

  • David 8 months ago

    Consequenses? We don’ need No stinkin’ consequenses!

  • Keith Clanton 8 months ago

    With everything going on today, after 01/06/21 and criminal charges in the trump crime family, ol Greg manages to come up w/ a ridiculous “FOXSPLAINIA” show on Hunter Biden. …really?

  • Donald Hopkins 8 months ago

    As a disabled person in America under biden due to the cola increase and don’t lose your letter my disability was cut 77.00 plus my food assistance was cut 40.00 now its down to 60.00 to live off of then I find out why illegal immigrants are getting it threw corruption

  • Wealth 8 months ago

    True but when does anyone with power or money especially in DC ever have to incur any punitive measures? Effectively never. While I agree that Hunter is a joke, the biggest comedy is the fact that media and the power structure use these clever misdirection’s to steer the minds of the masses away from the fact that there is no accountability in DC politics. It’s interesting that the fundamental systemic issues are never the focus. As long as you are doing the bidding of the corrupt in DC, you’ll keep the people focused on issues that don’t actually fix the problems with the system.

  • jim williams 8 months ago

    Love the Laugh…Emily..the brains and beauty of the show…hope to see Aishah soon !!

  • CabinNorth WI 8 months ago

    Dems are utter failure.

  • Carlene Holcomb 8 months ago

    Savings are pay check to pay check the truth hurts. Broken

  • Ray Spencer 8 months ago

    Hunter sells his artwork at a Prime prices plus get free Classified Documents. Right Joe, as long as he gets his 10% cut.


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