Greg Gutfeld: Prince Harry has a frostbitten penis?

Published on January 12, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists break down Prince Harry’s relationship with the rest of the British royal family. #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • EL ROBO 9 months ago

    Who cares about these “royals” I hope they go back to England, we got rid of them once.

  • No One 9 months ago

    Tyrus needs to leave that bloody belt at home

  • Juicy giraffe 9 months ago

    All those old men laughing in the background is kind of creepy, who are they? Are they truck drivers who don’t want to work?

  • doug cane 9 months ago

    Harry is right – the Royals are a relic of the past and represent everything that needs to be changed in the present i.e.,cold-blooded elitism, vast inequalities, entrenched inherited privilege – support and profiting from imperialist wars, murders of foreign leaders and theft of their countries’ resources and an affinity towards Nazism.

  • B K 9 months ago

    I really wish we would just stop giving the couple attention

  • Tom Green 9 months ago

    The entire royal family are inbred Nazis. I don’t know why my American friends are obsessed with them.

  • Punitha Ramakrishnan 9 months ago

    Excellent take down

  • Ragnar Ironspear ⚒️ 9 months ago

    Would you not have to be full brothers to have matching organs . Harry Hewitt anyone?

  • holly bishop 9 months ago

    HIS tell-all book will be out in a few years about how his wife manipulated him

  • U.E. High Council Member 9 months ago

    Prince Harry and Megan are NOT WELCOME here at U.E.
    Please keep them from contaminating our existence.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely U.E. Council Member

  • Winged 1212 9 months ago

    China was so kind to buy 400k copies of Harry’s book.

  • Brian Newcombe 9 months ago

    Windsor is the last name

  • Toby Bigham 9 months ago

    Yes, What man on this planet has any care or want to collect their wive’s text feuds with family? Much less would bother to publish them to the world in a tell-all.

  • Jarrad Rice 9 months ago

    His last name is Spencer.

  • Marijana Jovanova 9 months ago

    <3 Harry


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