Greg Gutfeld: Disney’s racist hypocrisy lingers

Published on June 2, 2022

‘Gutfeld’ panelists discuss Disney’s Star Wars defending “Obi-Wan Kenobi” star Moses Ingram against racist attacks while the company allowed Chinese media to censor a photo of Black actor John Boyega in 2015.
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  • JD 2 years ago

    I’m confused isn’t fox a part of Disney now so why they’re shitting on Disney

  • Superbus Civis 2 years ago

    Well I applaud Moses Ingram for being the first black person in Star Wars.

  • Dan Stevens 2 years ago

    Kenobi+-Boba Fett = Luke Skywalker in Last Jedi. Same story repeated over and over. A once strong masculine man, becomes an aging sad coward living in guilt and is overshadowed by strong female trying to prove hoe strong she is while beating up men …

  • Vengli Norbert 1 year ago

    disney made the worst star wars ever imagined without any imagination and now they blame the racist fans for their own failure. absolutely brilliant!

  • Rich Messia 1 year ago

    This is disney virtue signaling like putting a black girl in the show makes them special , seems racist…

  • C Me 3 1 year ago

    Disney does not want straight white Christian men. Well, we won’t support them or anything they financially have a hand in.

  • Buttcheeks Mcgee 1 year ago

    Just because nobody likes her acting and the actual show, doesn’t mean people are racist.
    You suck! Get over it!

  • Cody McGill 1 year ago

    “Oh! This is Steve – we practice the force on each other….”

  • JOEYWHO 1 year ago

    As an Italian American I am insulted by just about every Italian stereotype in every Disney movie.

  • Johnny Sakko 1 year ago

    As if white people never face racism. Jeezz this country is more racist against white people then anyone (straight white males anyway). Look at the commercials. The strait white guy is always the dummy. If he is in the commercial at all. Just think if it was the other way around. There would be an uproar. But there isn’t for some reason. I am sick of being vilified because I am a straight white male

  • Randal Davis 1 year ago

    Another Star Wars project ruined by the woke sexist racists at Disney. Kathleen Kennedy should be in Siberia.

  • R. morris 1 year ago

    The racist thing is when you create a character to do a checklist. She is in it because she is black, not because she is needed as a character. She is totally not needed,, you have enough established characters.

  • James Dixon 1 year ago

    I don’t understand. These people aren’t funny. Objectively these people aren’t funny. So the whole thing is worthless.This is worthless.

  • OneOFThese NotLikeTheOther 1 year ago

    That Mickey mouse mkultra brainwashing club will never recover from what they did lol
    These are people are full of hate and hypocrisy loosers
    What happens when you speak out against a psychopathic mob lol

  • Acko Manah 1 year ago

    You are over 45! Live long and PROSPER. I apologize wrong movie 🙁

  • Steve Carras 1 year ago

    3:20 Kat Timpf is right

  • Thomas Thomas 1 year ago

    “Brunchee, brunchee, BRUNCH-EE!” LOL!


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