Greg Gutfeld: Cassidy Hutchinson testified about something she didn’t see

Published on June 30, 2022

‘Gutfeld!” panelists react to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the January 6 Committee regarding allegations former President Donald Trump ‘lunged’ at two Secret Service agents.
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  • Terry Mark 1 year ago

    Vote all of these hack committee members out of congress. We Americans are sick and tired of their lack of selfless service.

  • Rory Lee Farnham 1 year ago

    She must be jailed.

  • Bo Kershaw 1 year ago

    Who is she not in jail for making This crap up under oarh

  • Ben R 1 year ago

    I love all the guests on this show, Gutfeld is ok i guess lololol

  • John Oswald 1 year ago

    Lock them all up!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Chastain 1 year ago

    These people are crazy.

  • Bob Miller 1 year ago

    It’s like cake on your face !!! I didn’t eat it .what a joke.

  • Sharon Fleming 1 year ago

    Why should this oath taking liar and deceiver not be charged with this offence it would only take one instance that this will not be tolerated to make others think again about perverting the course of justice, which is exactly what her blatant lying was trying to do. Have her parents got no shame I mean these lies have shown to the world how dishonest and easily manipulated their daughter was. So I would welcome charges brought on her, and maybe also who put her up to this.

  • Donna Cook 1 year ago

    Just like the Russian collusion…lies and more lies. She should be in jail for lying under oath.

  • Joe Wright 1 year ago

    6:55 Liz Cheney is one unhappy broad.

  • Victory Crosby 1 year ago

    I knew she was making it up when I noticed peanut shells dangling from her ear canal.

  • Victory Crosby 1 year ago

    I was positive when I saw un popped corn kernels dangling from her other ear canal.

  • Malin Yamato 1 year ago

    why do you cut in the middle of the show and end it… all the time.

  • Julianna Kelly 1 year ago

    To think that Trump could move that fast and man handle secret service agents.

  • Karen Devansky 1 year ago

    How stupid are people??

  • Brandon Rutherford 1 year ago

    Leftists have fin


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