Great Job, C U Next Tuesday! | September 27, 2017 Act 1, Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on September 28, 2017

Everyone really came together to roll up their sleeves and compliment the President on the great job he’s doing in Puerto Rico.

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  • Paku Zero 1 year ago

    I really dont like this woman

  • Chris Henson 1 year ago

    What have you done Samantha nothing.nobody complained when obama was ignoring things get off his back he’s been better at disasters then the the couple presidents.3 major ones in last couple weeks.he’s done good.

  • Fluff 1 year ago

    Out of touch idiot

  • DarkStoneCastle 1 year ago

    Maybe all the pro football players should donate some money?

  • Dominic Stalp 1 year ago

    This isn’t even funny

  • chazs1121 1 year ago

    Here’s an idea why don’t you bring up the fact that Puerto Rico’s Government wasted the money that would have helped rebuild it right now. From its corrupt Electrical Company to its corrupt politicians! By the way Samantha where is your Home Country Canada in the recovery effort to help Puerto Rico! That’s right you no where crickets???? People have to understand that this is not going to be a normal recovery effort . They were hit with a category 4 might as well say 5 hurricane – 1 mile per hour difference, and they received catastrophic damage to their complete infrastructure and utilities. This will take a massive feet and many years to get back to the normalcy of what they know of Puerto Rico. May God bless there people and watch over them during this horrible time.

  • Peeking Under The Blindfold 1 year ago

    And 21 hours later…only 155k views, but still #11 on Trending.
    *WHERE IS LOUDER WITH CROWDER’S ANTIFA BUST VIDEO??* After just 2 hours it has 136k. I don’t see him on Trending. Just this shrieking blonde, and I have enough of that from my sisters

  • Demonhornz 1 year ago

    It was nice of YouTube to give one of their talentless leftist hack friends a spot on Trending. Right alongside all the other ones.

  • ash12085 1 year ago

    Steven Crowder uploaded a video the day after this was uploaded, and Steven’s passed it in view count in a few hours. His video should be here on the trending page too.

    edit: his video has thousands of more comments too. YouTube, your bias is BS.

  • Stretch Mark 1 year ago

    Triggered Trump Flakes crying because he’s an Orange Idiot.
    Cue the fuckbois that say something about Obama or Hillary.

  • Alfonso perez 1 year ago

    This channel is cancer. We have no obligation to help a foreign country when we are still recovering after 2 hurricanes. America first the rest later!

  • milyesti rodriguez 1 year ago

    ah Puerto Rico it’s in the middle of Pacific Ocean , this guy just making so much
    excuses. yes we now that .and there’s human in the Island.

  • Danny Neyman 1 year ago

    Did he say “We have tremendous reviews”…? Um… Who’s gonna tell him that you don’t get reviews on how you manage to respond to a humanitarian crisis…?

  • ShiteCommentz 1 year ago

    >tfw in the alt-right video she says that they alt-right comes from leddit

  • Nick Buakaew 1 year ago

    I think they are talking about you.

  • TxAmerican 1 year ago

    Samantha B ee
    I s
    T he
    C unt
    H ere!

  • Buster McGhee 1 year ago

    Samantha Bee is a sell out puppet who cries herself to sleep at night. Everybody knows your a pawn who can’t even write your own content!

  • Ibraín González 1 year ago

    Despite what she said, I must say that I am thankful for what the United States has done for Puerto Rico. Despite President Trump’s narcissism, he has greatly contributed to the betterment and recoupment of the island. It makes me sad to see how Samantha Bee doesn’t mention Trump’s actions to temporarily lift the Jones Act and the help the United States is sending. I must say Good bless the USA because without them, I would not know how my family is doing right now. I am thankful to be part of this great nation and proud to have voted for the current president of the United States. Maybe we’ll even get statehood during Trump’s presidency!

  • Thomas Bias 1 year ago

    Trump looks just like my parents’ last car insurance agent.

  • Savi Maison 1 year ago

    JLo donated $1Million to PR… I was like… THATS IT??? Girl sell one of your over $10million houses and donate that.


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