Grace Potter & Conan Remember “Mission Conan” | Team Coco Radio

Published on September 27, 2023

Grace Potter remembers traveling with Conan, Michelle Obama, and John Mulaney to the Al Udeid Air Base.

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  • Smokey Joe 7 months ago


  • shep husted 7 months ago

    in the year 2000 #that was then this is now #team coco 2024 #booker/coco 2024 #bob hope reunion tour

  • Deborah Gate 7 months ago

    Your creativity can turn the ordinary into a masterpiece😻

  • Division A 7 months ago

    Who the f is Grace Potter?

  • Willie S 7 months ago

    i didnt know Harry Potter had a sister!….. Trans rights are human rights!

  • zoperxplex 7 months ago

    It’s great to see Conan take a break from trying to be funny 100% of the time. This shouldn’t be called “Conan Needs a Friend” it should be called Conan Unplugged or Conan Unleased because podcasting is definitely his oeurve where he gets to display his unfettered talents.

  • Oscar Pistorius 7 months ago

    Its so weird to think about Conan as playing a part in the propaganda arm of America’s war in Iraq. Even if he didn’t intend it, his trip to the gulf was legitimising what is now inarguably the worst crime of the 21st century. A million dead for nothing but greed. I don’t blame him personally for that, the entire country was swept up in the fervour of the times. Still.

    There were no WMDs in Iraq, but there was one ginger talk show host.

  • Firetrucker 7 months ago

    I wonder what happened with Bradley Klein after mission Conan remotes

  • Jawn Lam 7 months ago

    “First of all, I knew you wouldn’t say, ‘No.'”
    Conan is a master of his craft.

  • Omega13 7 months ago

    I served in the army during the first Gulf War. I did not know that Conan toured with the USO. It warms my heart that a “celebrity” (for lack of a better word) went through the hardship and possessed the selflessness to see something like this through because I can tell you it ain’t easy. I cannot tell you enough Conan how much this means to me. As servicemembers we are often met with indifference and sometimes even with contempt. We are fine with just breaking even. But when we’re appreciated there is no other feeling like it – I wish I had the prose of a decent writer to convey this properly. I didn’t hone my chops as a musician or singer like I should have, and this vet is now a nurse working at the VA. Whenever the American Legion arrives and bring snacks and sit with the patients, I see the eyes of these vets light up. You sacrificed your everyday comforts to come out to an inhospitable climate to entertain us and this leaves an indelible impression of your grace and generosity. Thank you.

  • Ryan Devine 7 months ago

    When i was in college I worked at a coffee shop in Potsdam, NY. One of my duties was to schedule the musical acts that would perform each night. Grace was one of the regular acts that I would book, as she was going to school down the road at St. Lawrence University. Even back then, she spoke to a tiny coffee shop crowd as if she were a superstar, on stage at some stadium show. She was destined to be big. I’m so envious of her now, getting to be pals with Conan.

  • Corpsefoot 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama is supposedly good friends with George Dubya, who spearheaded some of the most obscene deaths in the Middle East (on both sides) in this modern era

    So saying “no” isn’t just a possibility, it can be a moral responsibility for anyone who opposes civilian death, news-media gaslighting, foreclosing on innocent people’s homes, corporate bailouts etc. etc.


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