Gov. Larry Hogan on Why He Didn’t Challenge Trump in 2020



  • Joe O 2 years ago

    The Republicans (namely Mitch McConnell) has made it almost impossible to get an bi-partisan efforts accomplished.

  • HTTRskins21 2 years ago

    HOAGIE!!!! So proud he represents my state.

    8 years of Martin O’Malley was absolutely awful. Just goes to show, having a D or R at the end of your name doesnt automatically mean X,Y,Z about that person.. a good person is a good person regardless, and we need way more people like that

  • Katherene Wedic 2 years ago

    Hogan doesn’t respond to constituents unless they agree with him 100% it’s kind of sad people wanted b**** about O’Malley or whoever but what is the difference where is the unity I don’t see it I don’t experience it I’ve lived in Maryland for over 30 years Maryland is overdeveloped and polluted so we know who’s really running Maryland the developers and the the subcontractors who now through lobbying efforts run the federal government oh and don’t forget the insurance companies they’ve actually made it difficult for people on disability in the state of Maryland to access health insurance this is the question I posed to the governor that he never responded to through his constituent line and Hogan won’t defend Baltimore City if you’ve noticed he didn’t in this interview and at the state level within the state it’s very clear that he does not have a working relationship with the city of Baltimore

  • Michael O'Donnell 2 years ago

    Seth Myers on a Daily basis talks about how horrible the US is and is becoming under Trump.
    Seth Myers on a Daily basis talks about how NONE of the GOP stand up to Trump.
    He has a Republican, who CLAIMS to have differences with Trump and Myers FAILED to challenge him.
    As Trump would tweet, “FAILURE”

  • Speedytrip 2 years ago

    One of the rare republicans I can listen to for more than 30 seconds and one of the even rarest who will say something when Trump does or says unacceptable things.

  • stephen murphy 2 years ago

    Yes governor if another Hitler comes along don’t speak out just get along.


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