Gov. Jay Inslee: Combating Climate Change | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on May 4, 2019

Washington governor and Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee joins Bill to discuss why he’s making climate change the central issue of his campaign.

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  • Conservative1001BG 2 years ago

    Another nobody Dem running for president. Have fun competing with 30 others and then bowing down the DNCs handpicked choice.

  • Moses King 2 years ago

    Climate change hurts poor people. Makes energy, land, and housing more expensive. If you want to help the environment then support nuclear energy. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares if you’re drinking out of a plastic straw.

  • Moses King 2 years ago

    As long as Trump makes abortion illegals, I don’t give a fuck about some lame ass Democrat. Get your coat hangers ready ladies!!!!! Wanna kill your baby, then you can bleed to death in the street.


  • Mal L 2 years ago

    nothings going to change unless we do one important thing, reduce population!

  • Heather Remlin 2 years ago

    I love his enthusiasm and wish him the best but who we kidding, this guy doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell! Seems like a huge waste of money & time on his part. Nice try, I guess? #VOTEBLUE


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