Gov. Gretchen Whitmer – What Michigan Needs to Fight Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on April 1, 2020

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer talks to Trevor about her state’s unique struggles with the coronavirus outbreak, and her fight to get adequate support from the federal government. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GovWhitmer



  • xuyahfish 3 years ago

    I thought she was Gena Davis when I saw the pic among the videos on my screen…

  • Steven Childers 3 years ago

    She’s pretty too

  • Zaki Price 3 years ago

    Got us fucked up.

  • LeosHouse 3 years ago

    “ That Woman From Michigan” has more class in her little finger than D. Trump has in his whole orange head. Brava Madam Governor!
    She should run for president. I’d vote for her!

  • Laura Bell 3 years ago

    Begs to differ, is impeaching Trump not being nice to him? He doesn’t help people who aren’t nice to him.

  • Joanna Keeton 3 years ago

    Is This “Woman” for Real??

  • Larz 3 years ago

    Why is she backing down? She needs to be calling trump out for causing the deaths of Americans in
    Michigan by failing to respond to this natural disaster. The allocation of resources should be based on the number of sick, not based on the state trump lives in or where his resorts are!

  • Patricia Flowers 3 years ago

    A “That Woman From Michigan” t-shirt. Now, that is bad-ass! You go GW! Love it!

  • Leon Zhao 3 years ago

    it’s very good Trevor interview the Governor. get it together guys.

  • katherine A. Rodgers 3 years ago

    Love her shirt!

  • Olivia W. 3 years ago

    wow this quarantine has kept you really busy that you don’t have time to shave

  • Taryn 3 years ago

    Im so grateful Governor Whitmer is out there on the side of the people and fighting as hard as she can for us! I know some of U don’t have a Governor like that and yours might be one of them waiting for Trump to tell them what to do and Im sorry. We are all fighting this. Yes, Detroit has been hit hard but we all have been in our self quarantines for Idk how long now. Im hoping we will hit the Apex soon and I hope by the time it hits your State hard like NY or MI that U will have all the supplies U need. We need to help each other out like, donate food, blood, your time or if U are in a state that only has a couple cases and wanna help out please come to one of the hardest places and step in. Im sure the over worked staff could use a break even for a couple minutes. This is a Pandemic that should put all our petty differences behind us and show us who cares. If our politicians are doing what they should. Its an election year. We can change things but now is not the time for politics, maybe in a few months. Right now, we gotta take care of our families and not let the Grandparents sneak out of the house! They can be real sneaky. Anyway, I hope everyone stays home and stays safe wherever U are from. Im sending my love out to all of U and hope we all get through this #AloneTogether ❤❤❤

  • vw plays 3 years ago

    I live in Michigan, yea…

  • Ashley A 3 years ago

    “That woman from Michigan” is a damn good Governor doing what she can to help the citizens of her state

  • Isaiah Alinda2 3 years ago

    She’s the cutest governor I’ve ever seen and she’s amazing in her responses 👌

  • lee devlin 3 years ago

    Wow.. the restraint of not calling out the bast#rd in chief

  • Henry Tjernlund 3 years ago

    Someone (maybe associated with Trump?) is making profits from these states having to outbid each other.

  • pspicer777 3 years ago

    Best to you Michigan from Washington 👍❤️

  • David115599 3 years ago

    I have been 3d printing PPE and my capacity is 60 face shields/day that I am donating to local hospitals


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