Gov. Chris Christie, For Reasons All His Own, Is Still On The Trump Train

Published on August 28, 2020

Former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, explains the reasons behind his continued defense of President Trump and his willingness to work for the Trump campaign. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #GovChristie

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  • Absy Ibrahim 8 months ago

    Why you guys in America still give the title to people who have finished their services example governer, senator, vice President. They no longer serve in their post respectively. This guy ain’t a governer of NJ anymore, why call him governer, few days back you had that Gawdy guy he ain’t a senator yet he was called senator? Isn’t it stupid to call them with that title? I guess it’s America and anything is possible in that s***h*** country ( for now )

  • Philoso Rapper 8 months ago

    Awwww. John says “I love you, how you feelin’?” in the beginning of the clip but Colbert didn’t hear it bc his receiver was turned down, then carried on. 😞

  • UsernamesForDummies 8 months ago

    There’s simply no redemption for Christie in the cards. Don’t ever invite him back. He’s not funny enough to gloss over his corrupt soul.

  • F V 8 months ago

    Time to get rid of goons like this forever.

  • Diggnuts 8 months ago

    Dumb person, fat man, groper of woman, in front of camera, on TV.

  • Stephen Cotton 8 months ago

    It looks loke Christie has recently had a small stroke… Why do I say that? because one side of his face is looking sadder than the other. Maybe he needs to do the same test Trump did. What was it again? “Person, fat, man, camera, on, TV”? Oh sorry “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” that was it.

  • The Redstone Scientist 8 months ago


  • Noura Soued 8 months ago

    Stephen please don’t invite this moron to the show anymore 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • BANDWiDTH 8 months ago

    The guy that has a crack addiction cough cough

  • Jon Nelson 8 months ago

    The Republican Party is not the party of fiscal responsibility, They are the party of borrow and spend. Until people realize this we will never get our budget under control. Cutting taxes without regard to how much is needed to fund the country is just as irresponsible as overspending. Every time they cut income taxes for the wealthier they increase the taxes on everyone else. Second, this current Republican Party has no principles. They don’t even have a platform. They have no vision for the future. Third, Trump didn’t just under react to Covid19 he reacted in completely the wrong way. He has been on the wrong side of everything since the beginning.

  • James Demastus 8 months ago

    “are you ignorant or lying”….that’s the only reply needed from Colbert

  • Julien Morren 8 months ago

    He looks drunk,or on drugs .Or full of s…

  • 29jn 8 months ago

    Never have him on again

  • Fnu Lnu 8 months ago

    Get on the plane and go home.

  • Scott Manderson 8 months ago

    Enjoy your break Steve, stay safe

  • Nicola Sixx 8 months ago

    Glad you called him on it. Too bad his lips are still on the ass of where he thinks power lies.

  • Peter Pinto 8 months ago

    Colbert just jerked him around the entire time lol

  • Joseph Skinner 8 months ago

    without trump this guy wouldnt have a show!

  • BlingBlingStarmie - 8 months ago

    Its crystal clear whats going on here, republicans dont dare to step out of line because they know if trump wins they’ll be punished for doing so, and if biden wins they’ll come out of the woodwork saying they never supported him


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