Gordon Sondland Testifies: Pence, Pompeo Were “In The Loop” On Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Published on November 21, 2019

Stephen Colbert’s LIVE monologue after the fifth Democratic debate begins with a recap of the day’s bombshell testimony from Ambassador Gordon Sondland in the House impeachment inquiry. #Monologue #LateShowLIVE #Colbert

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  • RogueTool 2 weeks ago

    Gold! Gold! Comedy gold. So many amazing ways to word this wonderful time of the year. Well done, #Colbert and #Lateshow

  • Mike R 2 weeks ago

    I just love the pic of him looking into the camera. Like he’s saying, ” I’m the man”. LMFAO

  • Frank F 2 weeks ago

    Sad to know none of this will matter to Republicans and we need to understand that we are now in a fascist state

  • Glen MacDonald 2 weeks ago

    Caught red-handed: means, motive, opportunity.

    And *still* the Senate will not vote to impeach. Mitch McConnell should be thrown in jail for treason.

  • CiviliNation 7 2 weeks ago

    when the loop gets tighter its time to squeeze your neck out before you are the one left hanging

  • Unfitproduct Airborne 2 weeks ago

    Flush the turd on November Third 2020.

  • Annie 2 weeks ago

    Sondland was full of shyt! His continuation of lies by not being able to “recall” and his “presumptions.”

  • Insignificant360 2 weeks ago

    1:01 Damn, Evil Otto got ripped.

  • John Keable 2 weeks ago

    Idk how anyone supports trump. Every time I hear him talk it feels like I’m losing brain cells

  • Celldweller Fangirl 2 weeks ago

    Gotta love Sondland taking as many people down with him as possible as the ship sinks. Incredibly cathartic to see.

  • Brainstormer623 2 weeks ago

    How the hell do you know what the inside of a belly button smells like?

  • Starr Davis 2 weeks ago

    Lol, i saw them earlier when it first aired and thought the same shit about the ppl standing in the back!!

  • Khalled Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    Trumpian salves ” Republicans representatives” twist the clear crystal truth all the time even after Sondland admits the involve of Trump and all senior officials in Quid Pro Quo and insist that TRUMP is still innocent

  • fau2an100 2 weeks ago

    Public spectacle at its finest.
    The masses are exhilarated while irrevocable decisions are being made furtively.

  • silverpurkat 2 weeks ago

    Yep….. who would have thought Sondland would throw everyone under the bus to save his ass and rolling it back and forth…… me 👍

  • Romain Poulles 2 weeks ago


  • Warren NZ 2 weeks ago

    *Trump’s behaviour isn’t funny anymore. Put him in jail.*

  • Karnage 13 2 weeks ago

    If trump went to war with a country like nearly every other president. Would you yanks like him more?

  • ROBBIE BUNGE 2 weeks ago

    The couple in the background are missing their pitch fork..

  • Enda Rochford 2 weeks ago

    I’ll be honest, I think I have a new respect for Gordon Sondland


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