Gordon Ramsay Pulled A RAT Out Of A Toaster | The Graham Norton Show



  • Comical Realm Animations 1 week ago

    *_Ratatouille would like to know Gordon’s location_*

  • Ishiya 1 week ago


  • Susie Fairfield 1 week ago

    Gorda is an honorary Jamaican Mon IRE!

  • Just vibing 1 week ago

    The bad ending of Ratatouille..

  • Iyamo2020 1 week ago

    I remember the Episode 😂

  • Hardy Nor 1 week ago

    “frazzle frickin mess”, me a non native oohhh yes that so gross😅

  • Debra Clark 1 week ago

    you’re right! I never liked the couch, had strange back on it! This set, so far apart!
    But, bless them all, none better than Gordon, and Graham has a great show ! Watch Graham alot!

  • Peng Ting 1 week ago

    Mmmm toasted mice with salted lurpak butter and nutella spread 😋

  • Kevin 1 week ago

    Love Ramsey!!!

  • Mira Bella 1 week ago


  • Kimmy Howell 1 week ago

    i respect Gordon Ramsay because it’s always about the food and people’s attitude towards it. as a West Indian, i would love for him to come here and enjoy some real Caribbean food

  • Mayank Motwani 1 week ago

    Covid has taken from us a lot 🙇‍♂️

  • CAP 1 week ago

    He says it was a mouse but you write RAT….come on

  • Daniel Taylor 1 week ago

    That woman should never fear drowning in the ocean, she’s got great buoyancy devices 🤣

  • MonkeyspankO 1 week ago

    Poor mouse 🙁

  • The Messenger 1 week ago

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  • Évelyne 1 week ago

    I love when chefs on kitchen nightmares get mad at Gordon for criticizing their hazardous, filthy kitchens. They’ll have dead rats, live pigeons, droppings, moldy produce, frozen meat that’s 50 billion years old and be like, “yes customers spit my food out and I’m making zero in profit, but how dare you criticize ME?”

  • bemondo 1 week ago

    Lol it popped up while binge watching Scheiffer Bates

  • meme GOD 1 week ago

    mouse gives it a special taste
    trust me, i work in McDonalds


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